What is the "best" magical book out there with ritual and practice steps/instructions

I want to know what is the best magical book out there that you guys can recommend. These are my needs and requirements:

Books that have steps and instructions on how to:

  • Destructive Spell

  • Binding Spell

  • Defensive Spell

  • Curse Spell

  • Protective Spell

  • Sealing Spell

  • Healing Spell

  • Repelling Spell

Anything from the Vedas, Occults, Hebrew Mysticism, just anything. Thank you so much guys, i might not be able to reply to you all but i’ll make sure to check out all your recommendations!


Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magic will hit several of those areas, is beginner friendly, and easy to understand.


Buckland, Raymond Book of Spirit Communication
Buckland, Raymond Book of Witchcraft
Kraig, Donald Modern Magic
Case, Paul Foster Tarot Card Meanings
Cicero, Tabitha and Chic Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition
Ashcraft-Norwicki, Delores Ritual Magick Workbook
Koetting, E.A. O.A.A. Flame Discourses
Various books on magic and witchcraft all have the same info, just not in quix format like Ive listed that have exercises. I have all these or nearly all, and they work well for me quizzing myself to see where I fail in knowledge so I know what I need to improve on.
Any ritual broken down and analyzed is beneficial. Learning how to spell is beneficial.

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@Lady_Eva’s particularly tool free magic and Core Shamanism techniques.
These are the best I can do. Tutorials might help, particularly petition spells.


Mmmm I am working with Hargroves system

Practical Djinn magick

Covers most of the bases you described.

Easy to use and very effective.


These don’t have destructive or curse spells in them, but they are a good read for beginners. They’re “Spirit Allies” and “Instant Magick” by Christopher Penczak. They’re heavily oriented to the whole “love and light” approach, which isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but they have good info in them.


I second Christopher Penczak’s Instant Magick. The techniques are simple, but very useful. I actually use his countdown technique for trance.


Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick by Frater Barrabas.