What is the Astral plane

General question what is the Astral plane, how do I study it? Is it different than daydreaming?

How do I know if I’m questioned a spirit or just myself lol?

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Astral is the collective unconscious/mental plane, however, some people call everything not physical “astral” some even call the physical the astral as well which I find inaccurate but it helps them.

You study it by reading various books on it, learning to astral project and explore/experience it.

day dreaming is just you day dreaming, it’s your own mentalscape while the astral is the collective unconscious of many planes are linked to not just us, it’s a plane where thoughtforms and the likes reside.

In our own mentalscape is where the imagination starts but if strong enough it manifests in the astral.


Very interesting any suggestion on books? I’ve heard Astral Projection, Ritual Magic and Alchemy by Mathers is good!

Imagination land

Really, it’s the internet of the collective consciousness

Lucid dreaming is running on your own local machine, astral projection is playing that same game online with everything in existence. Best way I can describe it


hmmmm doesn’t really make an sense. Like I now what the collective consciousness is.

So if I day dream of something and I want to manifest it where to I put it in the astral plane. Is this the same place? I have a huge imagination and that’s the problem. I dream up some idea but it gets bogged down with doubt and fears. How do I manifest the idea?

Ah, that last part is the issue. Surety is the answer

Doubt and fear plagues all magicians at some time or another, it’s the relationship with belief that drives things

If you’re imagining it, it’s on the astral. It’s when that emotion of doubt sets in is when whatever construct you’re imagining gets eroded. You’re both creating and destroying it on the astral when that happens

It takes some mental slight of hand to get down and sometimes it can really help to back off on how out there the manifestation is to you until you get an affinity for this stuff. Starting with basic shielding is a good way to get used to doing it, just imagine an energy shield around you and act like a 10 yearold kid believing it’ll help keep bad luck away. It will.

From there you can scale it up a bit. Though I’d do a ritual to manifest things, like a sigil at first as those are very easy. Just visualize it and more importantly feel the emotion you’d feel if you got the manifestation while you’re crafting and firing it.

Once you let go of it and accept “so it is done” just choose to feel grateful like it’s already shown up if you remember it after and then let it go again.

If you’re awake and imagining it, you’re crafting on the astral though. Especially if it’s around your locality. I use astral ritual implements all the time and they work great, no special clothes or circles for me. I just visualize it and know it works and it does

Does that help?


Lol this is the most modernized explanation ever I love it xD


And what if you have like two or three local networked machines? Then what? Is that like an astral LAN?

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Yes it does Norski. So I guess I need to just concentrate on that thing I am build and cut out the white noise or negative thoughts that could come into my mind or crafting table in the astral plane.

You mean if you and another are in the same space in the astral?

Yeah, well and I experienced some weird stuff while possessed by Asteroth. I’m still trying to sort it all out and figure out what happened.

Basically, he came back, but I was already completely out of it, and he thought I was “fine” even though I was not. He must have ignored most of the stuff I left him. Also, he was totally messed up from drinking too many monster energy drinks. Then he left again, so apparently even though we were communicating through writing before, he just some how missed me and got stuck in his own messed up world. It wasn’t until my relatives got in touch with him that I was in the hospital that he was able to come in contact with me again.

In retrospect I see how things had gotten way out of control “before” I had ever let Asteroth possess me. Power of positive thinking and just ignore it were like the worst advice ever.

I still don’t even know if there are third party attacks involved on him.