What is perceptual illusion

Some one told me that i need to get rid of my perceptual illusions to get what i desire

What is it?
How do i get rid of it?

Sounds like you have a few misconceptions.

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I think they are referring to the way you view the world. If you have a belief of the way things are, that is concrete and you wont change or modify it, then you have succumbed to the illusion you made via your perception of the way things are.

For example- If I am colorblind, and someone tells me the sky is blue. I dont believe them because ive only seen it grey. But then, i start hearing other people say its blue. But i dont even believe or bother to research, because the sky is obviously grey.

That, in my mind, is perceptual illusion.

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Well there is a difference in Belief and Faith. To believe in something you ave to hold it in your hand and see and feel it, like an idol. To have faith you must trust it will be there for you. Like when your swimming in water. You dont believe the water will hold you up when you paddle along, because if you tried to grab the water you would just sink. Now if you trust the water and have faith it will support you when you work with it then that is Faith. You cant believe you will take another breath. You have faith that you will voluntarily breath. I hope I did not confuse you.

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