What is Paralda enn?

Paralda still didn’t come. Spent like an hour repeating “paralda come”. Got go sigil flashing nor any presence.

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Did you meditate and drop into trance before hand?

You need to be in at least a light altered state before chanting.

I used a method. Basically you put a candle. Behind it put the sigil as a 45 degree angle. According to the method staring at the flame and saying “paralda come” is supposed to get me into the alpha state.

I know that method, but an easier one is to simply relax through some forn of progressive relaxation abd then count down in your head from 20, telling yourself you are sinking deeper.


Should I use some relaxation hypnosis video on youtube?

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That is up to you. I gave you the simplest trance method I know. I, personally, use a method very much like it.

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How do I do progressive relaxation?

Then when I count down when do I say “sinking deeper”.

Dude, have you never heard of Google?

Progressive relaxation is simply a set of techniques, one of which is simply tensing your muscles, holding the tension for a moment, and then releasing it. It’s called “progressive” because you move up or down your body, relaxing each part in progression, starting from the head or the toes, whichever you prefer.

When you count down, you do so slowly, and say, “20, I’m relaxing deeper, 19, i’m going still deeper and deeper, 18, I’m sinking deeper…” all the way to 1.


Another point is that you arn’t gonna get any “earth shattering or hollywood level” manifestions. Intense manifestion can happen but they are not all that common from what i can tell. And if anything crazy happens it tends to manifest outside the operators sphere of awareness.

I’ve heard stories of people hearing what sounds like a racket from a dozen people kicking up a storm of noise when there was only one person in the room barely speaking above normal level. Rooms seeming darker or lighter as energy saturates the place. Stuff like that.

In my own case I’ve had roommates tell me about creepy as fuck drumming coming off my the walls of my room while i was doing an evocation. Also been in the same room when a storm of pounding start on the walls of my temple with my roommate right next to me in the kitchen. :joy: she jumped like a cat in water.

Had the same roommate swear my chanting vibrated the walls of her rooms as as if they were surrounded by subwoofers when she dashed out to fine me barely audible in the next room.

Crazy examples like these happen but are not common around me. :thinking: my apartment building would probably be alot more vacant if that was the case. :rofl: :thinking: although it may bring my rent down if it did lol.


I live with my family and non of them have mentioned strange things happening.

Like I’ve tried to evoke Paralda 3 times already and fuck all has happened.

:man_shrugging: and it may not. If your just evoking spirits to see if they show up your less likely to see any success. You need clear determined goals and reasons for an evocation. Generally to gain information or fulfilling a goal.

Alot of evocations are not flashy or full of big manifestions.