What is magic(k)?

How does it differ from ordinary human abilities?
I’ve apparently missed basics so I would be interested in seeing the varied responses.


Making reality act in conformity with the will. I think that’s how he phrased it.


Working with the energies around to cause desired outcomes.

Always remember that Magick is just as much about embracing the chaotic nature of the forces around you as it is about directing and controlling those very forces. Know them and work with them as they are. Nothing can be what it is not.


It’s a latent ability. And some have an affinity for it while others don’t. Same as everything else.

Everyone can do the work to learn music drawing ect but you have people who it comes naturally to. Same with Magick.

These people are what we refer to as hereditary witches. And like the examples listed above genetics is at play there.


Magick is the natural ability to bend and shape energies in accordance with your will. However the tricky part is the social conditioning we experience from a young age. You have to be willing to let go of all the cants and excuses. That’s the hard part. The limitations you put on yourself or have adopted over time will sabotage you.


It is a set of skills that achieve a result. Some have more natural talent to it but it can be learned with discipline and effort. That at times can be frustrating as with learning most if not all skills and practices.

Playlist with some of the core basics. :alien:

Hardcore Esoteric: null - YouTube


Magick is actively working with the God-Mind that you are and are one with at all times.
The God-Mind, in an intelligible/conscious way- or exploring that in an expansive way, as you always grow through experience, understanding, wisdom, … applying things.

It is the smarter way to work with what you have and really are as being God also, in oneness and equality with all life. Magick is a way to work with your true deeper nature and potential, as you are meant to, it is your birthright. You can choose not to, but life then becomes more devoid of unused potential, which is, for a being of infinite potential, maybe a bit of a waste since you have an infinite number of ways to express yourself even unto a molecular level. You can do anything, so why not try to see how you can do anything.

If you want to fly around like superman, or be able to do what other superheroes do, you can.

You might want to read “life and teachings of the masters of the far east” on your Godlike abilities, it is a very good book helping you to understand what you can potentially do with your supernatural godlike abilities.

Also, you might want to check out Criss Angel on youtube for example, the guy is amazing…he uses abilities directly from the God-Mind as well. :slight_smile: So does ‘Dynamo’ :slight_smile:


I would say that it does not. Everyone does magick in some way, whether they know it or not, because magick is life, existence, reality, etc. To extrapolate on Crowley’s definition, I would say that in a general sense magick is just movement, but magickians make it happen on purpose. They do their best to be a t the cause, the source of movement. Source being just another reflection between us and All because it really is the same thing.

So yeah, doing magick with intent is just another ordinary human ability, though some seem to be better suited for it. But that goes for anything. Not everyone is built to be a marathon runner or a power lifter, but barring an obvious physical limitation we can all still run or pick something up. I feel magick is the same way.

I also consider the ability to effect people’s thoughts, actions or emotions in a day to day sense with intent to be very powerful sorcery. Musicians, politicians, etc are all very, very powerful magick users. Think Tree of Life terminology; if a person can join wisdom and understanding to achieve a higher state, then that person has knowledge, and knowledge is power. That application can be used in ritual just as easily as at a podium or on a stage.

I hear you. I am re-delving into core Hermetics study as of late, but trying to apply the principles in situations of a more day to day nature with much greater focus and intent in an effort to improve interpersonal relationships and balance myself. I can be a bit off sometimes, lol. The results have been good (mostly), but it is exhausting. Just like a solid ritual.


An hermeticist wrote that there are the Human and the Divine Magic. Between them there’s a thin line: while the magician is working in the first, a phenomenon belonging to the second one may take place.
Magic is science (+), religion (-), art and philosophy. “Low magic” may be the use of dolls, potions etc. or the popular magic based on white=good and black=evil. High magic is, either or at the same time: that of rituals, initiation, an active and heroic approach to spiritual growth, and finally a different manner of considering the colors.
In orthodox magic, black is lunar and destructive, red solar and constructive, white is mercurial and neuter. They express a synthesis of the magician’s path: doubt, fulguration and knowledge; the operator uses tunics of these colors according to the working.
Modern and scientific magic considers white (positive, infinite, exteriorization) and black (negative, finite, interiorization) as static, red as dynamic, and presents some innovations like just vibrating an entity’s name instead of using a conjuration etc.


IMO our will plays a very important role in magic, a strong will can “conjure” invisible forces somehow. But we must master our will. Magic systems are kind of training for the will.

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