What is Lucifer trying to tell me?

I feel like Lucifer is trying to tell me something regarding my current situation but I can’t yet hear spirits can only feel a presence, can someone please help me? Your help is highly appreciated :blush:

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Here you go! From my very own post. I hope it helps and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Thanks for this Adam , it seems really helpful but I’m in no state of mind to relax and meditate deu to a situation I’m extremely anxious and worried , that’s why was wondering if someone can channel the message for me .

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Which shade of lucifer is it? Or is it the full spirit?

By what I feel I think it’s the full spirit, very warm extremely powerful energy , everytime I feel it I feel like I’m high , even feeling it now while typing about him !

Lucifer will begin speaking to you “telepathically” when it is the right time. Trust me, this will lead to something great. He may also comes to us in many different forms. Example: Some Individuals are conduit to the essence and able to direct “His” message through themselves externally for our development.


The first thing you should do in order to hear spirits is to open your astral senses. The forum already has many posts for that.

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@Tuxedo-cat I get that same warm, almost opioid like feeling with Marquise Orias. To me, Lucifer feels more like a “pulling” sensation, as if my body has some ferrous content and there is a giant magnet in front of me. I have done a lot of research for many years but practiced little, so I’m by no means the best source of information, so take what I say/think with a grain of salt. It sounds like he’s reaching out to you and perhaps wants to work with you (and what a good spirit to have on your side). When you feel Lucifer’s presence, do you get a “lighter than air feeling” kinda like your arms want to lift up from the table, or something like that? I have yet to experience full evocation yet myself.

I would talk to Lucifer every day in that position, and put all your focus, emotions, etc… into it. I use sigil gazing and enn repetition personally, because I don’t really use formaized rituals or even tools, except candles sometimes (I only have purple one and white one, I don’t think color matters a lot, personally) and live in a very isolated, rural area way up in the mountains of the Bible Belt (Great Smokies in NC), my license is suspended, etc…) and I can’t burn incense or anything in my house and live with a Christian, so I do what I can with what I have and get my hands on. IMO, the most important tools are your will, focus, desires, intent,visualization and imagination (I’m good at that because I grew up an only child, so I played by myself a lot. Believe me, that helps you develop a “Polaroid visualization” and imagination). I first contacted Lucifer (again, only feeling his presence, but it was strong and there with me. I couldn’t see or hear him, but he was there, trust me). If you like, I can PM you the way I made first contact with Lucifer’s presence. It’s a conjuration of Scrilin, who is a demonic messenger, and a conjuration of Lucifer. Trust me, it works, tho I don’t remember where I found it and when, but brother, it works because he unmistakably comes). It requires no tools but the incantations, a quiet room (I have no “temple” or dedicated/consecrated ritual space, it works anywhere. I did think enough to put him a glass of wine that I make myself [really strong and sweet] and some dark chocolates( some with a cherry, orange, mint, and other fruit fillings, some with caramel, some plain, dark chocolate).

When I make offerings to a daemon, I use the best I have on hand (I try and use more expensive, imported chocolate like Gavalia, Ghiradelli, Lindt, Lendor, Toblarone, etc…, especially dealing with royal demons, but have even used M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way, Butter Fingers, 3 Musketeers, and even Mike and Ike’s, oats and honey and/or Smores granola bars, Jolly Ranchers, etc… when it’s what I had. I think they mostly appreciate the thought, as it shows respect and that you thought enough to offer something). I would also call him and make an offering when you aren’t even asking for anything (kind of a “just thinking of you” thing). I’m still working on a connection, friendship, open communication, relationship, etc… with Marquise Orias, so I thought I’d share what I’m doing to foster that, as it may help you as well as people in our position with an entity they are working with.

Yes do pm me the process please! I don’t use alters either just don’t believe in them , I just think about him say his name and he is there , I get light headed and very relaxed sort of a high feeling that’s how I know he’s there , I usually just call him to chat can’t really hear him yet but I know he’s heard me ! I’m an only child too so my visualisation is good as well :blush: thanks for your detailed input !