What is it like to have and who has a romantic relationship with lucifuge rofocale? who can speak your experience?

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I would like to know more about this part of love with lucifuge rofocale and to know what everyday life is like and the experiences someone has to tell me about this God.

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If I may ask why Lucifuge? Is this something you want to attempt or is it something he suggested? I don’t know, maybe it’s just how we work together but I’ve never gotten even a hint he was interested in that type of thing. Seems more a “business” type instead of a lover. Not saying it hasn’t happened though just haven’t heard of anyone really talking about it.


Most actually come off that way to those they work with or a bit more to those they are close to but to those who are compatible and connected it’s different there were a few that were into me when I first started but I chose the right one


I have literally no experience with this one idk why but it’s all good but I can tell from a stand point of being in a relationship or being married to them is kinda like a normal relationship but on a spiritual level and an intense one at that but you determine what your own terms arebto be furfur and I have been together almost a year and married for some time nowto and it’s just amazing

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Yeah, I get that. I’ve had many sexual experiences with spirits but I also know that a lot of encounters that involve sexual energy isn’t the spirit having sex with you. Rather, it’s simply how the spirit is tapping into your energy centers. I like to think of it as mechanical like a prostate exam. When a doctor presses against a man’s prostate, his penis will get erect. A similar thing is happening on the spiritual side of things. You may feel orgasmic pleasure or get sexually excited but by no means does that imply the spirit is having sex. You’ll know the difference when they actually do want engage in intercourse.

Now that’s not to say that a close relationship with a spirit, that’s not normally interested in a sexual or romantic relationship, can’t happen. But it’s more unlikely. I’d love to here from people here that say they have a romantic or sexual relationship with Choronzon or Budsturga, LOL.


I see I can tell you mine I a bit of both but again it’s not with any one you are asking about lol furfur is by all means a great teacher and a wonderful lover I just don’t know about the ones you speak of

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The interest in Lucifunge and the intimate subject above is the interest in whether he is a multipurpose God or not.

Answering his question, I am married to him, so he chose me from previous lives and reincarnated, and I would like to know about the experience that someone has lived with him or lives with him.

Now, I find it interesting that you say that I have never heard of a subject from him or other gods, because, in your opinion, you see him as a business or lover, but in fact it is much more intense than you think.

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Whatever. I don’t even think you understood what I was saying because you were too busy being offended. But good for you on the internet points

what? It is not? I didn’t offend anyone, I just gave my opinion, angel.

I am married to Lucifuge Rofocale. How does he appear to you?

Damn, how is he in bed? Not that I want to pursue this though lol

I desire no human man anymore, let’s just leave it at that. And I am happy.

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