What is in the direction of north-east?


Just want to inquire anyone who might have some cardinal sense. I can’t find anything without google map let along grasp this point for any significant meaning.


In relation to what? It may vary depending on the time of day/night and season… are you skywatching? Are you simply trying to better navigate?


I was just curious out of something that came to me as I wrote. I did some research and it’s apparently in the direction of the demon gate in chinese and japense cultures.

Like I said I’m pretty clueless to directions, anything you can input will help. :slight_smile:

Well I am admitedly not well versed in the Japanese and Chinese streams… I would suggest looking at possible correspondences of the directions, or even the spiritual entities associated with them. Certain beings sometimes manifest in certain directions. What does your own intuition tell you? Listen to what you feel, it may reveal more layers.
Also, sometimes directions can be associated with seasons or even times of day or night. Depending on what the context was may reveall the clues to focus on. It could also be a merging of the spiritual aspects of those directions. In some systems north is stability, earth, grounding, stability. East may be intuition, insight, knowledge, air. Perhaps it is a hint at merging these aspects within yourself. There are many different ways to look at it. Hope this helps a little.