What is Hell actually?

I am still very new to everything, and I have a question about the actual description of hell. Most if not all mainstream religions depict it is a place where people are tortured beyond comprehension, where nothing but pain and horror exists. These demons are supposed to come from Hell right? So far, from what I’ve learned, demons aren’t necessarily good or evil, but can be both just like the very nature of humans.
Any ideas or knowledge would be appreciated and I am sure many other new people interested would feel more secure knowing about this as well. Thank you

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Instead of getting into the history and origins of the Christian idea of Hell (Gehenna + Norse Hel), I will instead tell you what Demons have told me:

“Hell is a pitch black void, a silent abyss where things experience uninterruptible peace.”


That is epic as fuck…i like that @Tenebrous


That makes perfect sense actually. So that implies that when demons are called upon, they manifest out of the void? Do they constantly go in and out depending on if they’re being called?


Sort of. Demons are at the same time in Hell (the void), and manifested somewhere in reality. Because while you may not be talking to, say, Belial at the moment, someone else in this world is talking to Belial. To you, and everyone else who is not talking to Belial, he is in Hell. To the person that is talking to Belial at the moment, he’s present.

The thing about Demons is that they’re not lifeforms like you and I. They are mediums, psychological constructs which are tied to external forces. They exist internally and externally at the same time. And Hell is not necessarily a place somewhere in the world. It can also be a state, for instance a state in which you are not conscious, but aren’t dreaming/hallucinating at the same time. Hell is simply “the void,” “the blackness.” It’s not a concrete place, necessarily.

Also, I should point out that your interpretation of the Demon is not the same as someone else’s. Your Belial is different from another person’s Belial, but the force he represents is roughly the same. Personality too, to an extent, but again it depends on your interpretation. If you hold a belief that Belial has a cruel personality, that’s exactly what he’ll exhibit when you summon him.


He’ll is a marketing gimmick. Imagine BMW telling you that a Lexus is hell… You would laugh.

Even the Catholic church finally said bullshit to Dante’s Inferno and simply says hell is not having ywhy in your life.

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I think hell is a place that actually exists on the astral realm, like heaven. Those who exist within that Christian paradigm will go there if that is where they feel they should be when they die. Those outside of that paradigm will either go to whatever they believe awaits them based on some religious construct, or be reincarnated


_~So… _ Hell is kinda… a black nirvana(-puram) and the “kingdoms” are actually not in hell, but on different “planes of existence” ??

[…] I don’t really like that idea but please, tell me.

Thats not really different to how our essence works.
~Every human is inside and outside of you.


Hell is the life of a poor kid being molested year after year by some pervert priest ~ with no remorse shown by the church upon discovery

No need to say anything more.You get the picture right ?


It’s just a void. Blackness. Oblivion. There’s nothing going on in it, I imagine.

The thing is, though, whatever idea of Hell you might have, that can also be real…to you, and whoever shares your belief system. Because such an idea has an impact on you and other people. That makes it real. The impact. The fact that it has an interaction.

I simply shared an answer I got from Demons about Hell. So don’t take my detailed interpretation of their answer as fact.

As for the kingdoms you’re speaking of, they would be in the astral realm, I suppose. But, again, if you do not believe in kingdoms, they do not exist to you. The Astral Realm is a mirror image of this physical realm, (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to perceive anything in it) as well as your deeply held beliefs and opinions.


Believe system?

~The chances are not that small, that the demons will tell me the same thing,
so its not a ‘believe’ which i try to impose.

You give way too much credit too the system from which the term descendet which i used.
But “Nirvanapuram” means something like “the place where everything is erased”(puram=place nirvana=ersased) So it is the nothingness, the place beyond light and darkness.

~So… Hell, could be two things:

Nirvana, the nothingness.
The darkness, some mental/etheral plane

*Quick reminder: (from densest to finest)
physical, astral, etheral/mental

P.S.: There was a really mysterious plane, mentioned in the book of light:
a plane of death/a planet of death, where monads/the essences of beings go,
if they violated the ‘cosmic laws’ too much, its described as the second worst punishment,
the worst would be: to forget your existence= you would become matter a sub-monade.

Maybe will one of you guys know what this probably very manipulative crap really means.
(Every lie has a core of truth.)


Like I said, I only shared the answer I got, and my interpretation of it. Take it as you will. :slight_smile:

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Is still wait for the in-directly asked question:
“What do you think? Is hell the darkness (near to the source), or is it the source itsself?”


Ah, sorry. Well, I personally would say that it’s the darkness, though I wouldn’t say “near the source.” Perhaps something along the lines of, an aspect of the source. Or an element of the source, but not the entire source itself.


I think in all honesty hell is a state of mind, you can be living in the lap of luxury and be in total hell likewise you can be broke as hell but living on cloud 9.


Hebrew tradition sates that is the farthest from El (God) that you can be. They don’t define it as a set place or plane


What is Hell actually?

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it is said that there are those types of matter:

root matter /mulaprakriti

It is also said, that for the(limited) life time of the universe is akasha all that stays the same for this time. But i don’t know, if the akashic records survive the death of an universe…
BUT: if akashic creations come back after the universe’s death -unaltered,
then one could try to safe his conciousness on that particular plane, and would return, but with his memories unaltered.


So many great points. Such a topic.

Hail Draconian Practirioners.
Is Hell real ? Well yes, She is a Nordic Goddess.

Is a Hell a place ?
Well yes. All the way back to the ancient Temples. A real underground place that still exist. Alllllll over the world.

Is Hell a place of ascending. Yes
Is Hell a place of descending. Yes, if you get stuck.

I HIGHLY suggest
Reading and traveling through the
Qlipoth, by, Asenoth Mason. This book will answer MANY of your questions on Hell and the night Side of the tree.

We are soooooooo BLESSED to have
Mason and Bill apart of our Hosehold.
Purchase their books.