What Is Guiding Me?

Ok so someone didn’t learn their lesson nor has allowed me to live peacefully. I am feeling a definate pull to grave dirt, lilac, and other poisonous plants. I don’t know the why…all I know is I somehow know/feel this is stuff I’m going to need. Even though these are ingredients I have never used before, so I am inclined to believe the power is in the symbolism. But this is the first time in my years of casting I have ever felt like I was being guided to get ingredients. Just today grave dirt and lilac popped into my mind as I was pondering over my next course of action. Again this is something that never happens to me. I generally know what I need -typically candles, crystals, emotional charge, will, intent, and situationally hair and/or blood.

But grave dirt? I could understand to an extent given my feelings. Now Lilac? I’m at a loss. But I feel these are two things I’m going to need, and not knowing why really. Outside of feeling like something is guiding me.

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Idk your feelings but if you understand the grave dirt, why you find it difficult with lilacs? It’s a spring flower, very useful for protection, banishing shades (ghosts) and passage between upper world and underworld.
Side note: I keep smelling lilac from the moment I saw your post, I looove the smell!

I understand the grave dirt because of its implications. Lilac, as you stated, is protective. Completely opposite. So its baffling me.