What is grounding?

Why is it important after some ritual or meditation?
What does it feel like ? If a person doesnt do it?

And how does junk food, video game , play as an easy rapid grounding tool?

Grounding is basically sending extra energy into the ground so it doesn’t negatively effect you. Think of your body like a lightning rod. You are directing the energy into the earth so it can be neutralized.

Excess energy can cause various symptoms like dizziness, nausea, loss of equilibrium, and even pain if it overloads your system.

If you don’t do it, it can make you disconnected and disassociated from reality. Eventually, however, your body will return to equilibrium as it will naturally ground itself just by moving around.

Any food is grounding as it draws energy into digestion and makes you focus once more upon the physical.

Video games are not very grounding, and neither is watching television. Doing something that actually involves physical movement, like taking a walk, or eating, is usually best.


Yeah maybe coz like after i watch horror movie or some moments of thinking/overthinking i have very strong urge to eaither eat or talk or go out and it feels very relieving

And also ciggerate alchol etc do they also contribute to grounding or opposite as tgey say high?

Some people claim that alcohol shuts down the upper faculties but that has not been true in my personal experience.

I’m not a smoker, but don’t think cigarettes do anything to ground you because in several older videos, like the one on tarot consecration, EA Koetting was doing the ritual while smoking.


I was talking to older practionners and they all had the same vision about grounding: doing something totally mundane that makes you out of the magick.

I believe there are 3 stages of grounding :

Stage 1: before any ritual, grounding help you to connect with the Earth. In many systems of magick, the Earth is seen a major source of Universal Power.

Then you will do the centering part: charging yourself with that power.

(It’s not necessary but a lot of magick systems recently developped use that)

Stage 2: at the end of the ritual. You will once again connect to the Earth to neutralize and send back the excess of energy.

Stage 3: while stage 2 is purely energetic, doing something totally mundane is materializing your grounding.