What is good to offer to a dragon?

A few months back a guardian dragon came into my life. He has been so amazing protecting me from various things. Most of this time that he has been in my life ive been staying at a family member’s place but i’ll soon be in another home, and over there i want to set up an altar and one of the things i want to do there first is honor my dragon. He doesn’t ask for much, but i want to show some graditude and give something. I know dragons blood incense would be good, but if any of you have worked with dragons can you lend me some ideas? :slight_smile:


Jewels, Precious Stones, Shiny coins, Alcohol, Meat cooked rare or raw.
Ask him what he prefers for exact types, every spirit is different.
Try a good steak, wine or rum. If you trust him then share the experience of eating/drinking it with him.


Depends on the dragon entity, for example it’s like saying what would a demon like as an offering they have personal preferences, but these are some of the ones I know off.

  1. Dragons Blood Incense (Of Course)
  2. Dragons Blood Oil
  3. Artwork Of The Dragon or Dragons
  4. Altar trinkets that symbolise or act as signs for example (Dragon Egg, Dragon Statue/Figure) etc
  5. Tarragon (Dragon Herb)
  6. Dragons Blood Jasper (Gem/Crystal)
  7. Scales/Shedded Skin (Serpentine/Reptilian)

These are just a handful for your generic dragons, of course if they were a specific type you could pin it down be more intricate and specific.


To answer this we’ll get back to the ancient people and see.
china was believing about that dragon alot.
and monks are giving there life to get such thing.
as C.Kendall answered you with some things to do.
i’ll say use the Chinese methods as they were using the powers of the dragon for decades.
training your chi and enters the spiritual realm with your inner powers will be such a great deal for your dragon.
using the 7 things that C.Kendall told you and Chi training will be more than enough to empower your dragon to do anything he or you want to do.


Various dragons differ tribal dragons differ individually and group wise from feral dragons from even dragons that are of the more nobility. So you’d have to ask and my opinion stay away from those articles that talk about dragons liking to horde shit lol.


i would offer him myself. Let him/her attach themselves to me and ride along with me. Feed from the world and universe through me, Since this is a spirit this offer would work.


Do you work with the magic circle of the 4 Dragons? especially with Fafnir the Dragon of the South and element Fire?