What is everyone's experience with chaos magick?

I just wanna know what everyone’s experience with chaos magick is, only if you’re comfortable sharing those experiences. I’m planning to get into it very soon as I’m taking somewhat of a spiritual deep dive this year and nothing is off the table.

Any advice? Any resources you would recommend?

Thanks in advance, you beautiful magickal bunch of people!


Chaos magick is pretty much do whatever works for you, thoughtforms, real entities, sigils, servitors, mixing pantheons, creating your own pantheons, Santa Claus, flying spaghetti monster, whatever works in that moment.

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If you will, what have been some of your own positive experiences with it? :smiley:

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I’ve mostly only used the sigils aspect of it, creating thoughtform servitors through the sigil work which turned out pretty good

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I am soon to create my first servitor, I’m confused though, how are we supposed to teach it stuff? Someone else on the Pagans & Witches chat on the app Amino, said that you can send your servitors to Lucifer to become one of Lucifer’s students and learn from him.

Do you know if that’s likely? I think not, but also maybe… :thinking:

Depends, a construct servitor yes you can, or send it off to learn on it’s own, a thoughtform servitor doesn’t exactly have the capability to go to Lucifer since thyre often limited to the astral/mental in which case they can use the collective unconscious to learn things it needs to learn.

The former does require Lucifer to agree to it however.

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Thanks for enlightening me.

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Chaos magick is what started me with magick (besides some prior experience with basic energy work and clairaudience). What chaos magic has allowed me to do is craft my own system of magick. This is significant because a personal system is catered towards yourself. Its built with your strengths, weaknesses, and personality in mind.

Of course this has taken a lot of time and it is still far from perfect, but I like it this way. It starts with just experimenting. Understand what goes into a spell or ritual and why, and do what works best for you.

An example of this has been my egg servitors. Ive read nothing about them, but I was in a situation where spellcraft felt like a need, the idea just came to me. I used a regular uncooked chicken egg from my fridge, I covered it on sigils relevant to its nature in sharpie, and then burned various herbs in a cauldron and placed the egg on the embers.

While I focused on my intent I kept the flame going and chanted over it and commanded it. I did this for maybe 10 minutes and let it slowly go out. After it sat for a while I tossed the egg somewhere in the distance, and went about my day.

I would definitely encourage anyone to get into it, and I highly suggest reading Liber Null and Psychonaut (available free and legally online if you care to do the searching). Specifically I think just the parts on laughter as an emotion to be critical to practicing successfully if you intend to explore this long term.

And here’s a link to a great resource


This was the detailed answer I was waiting for!

I agree that making your own spell crafts allows the practitioner to take a more personalised approach to spell casting, which is always beneficial as it’s specifically catered to you and it’s what works best for you.

I found the part where you said "


to be particularly interesting, I’ll definitely look more into those 2 books you mentioned.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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