What is enn for bune

i want evocation bune ,so i need enn to do this
and I also want to evoke the bune book by EA

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Whlc melan avage Bune tasa


just search it up. no need to make a new post asking for it :slight_smile: either you can search here or on google this is mostly to not clutter the forum with things that have already been asked or is easily searchable


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I like to acquire knowledge quickly

For the record, you do NOT need enns to evoke. They are never necessary.

good lord, you can make an account on BALG, but you cannot google for Bune Enn :rofl:


This is only the first attempt

Typing “Bune enn” on google is the quickest method to acquire this knowledge.


you might or might not already know but whlc is pronounced like ‘well’ (in my experience). glad you got quick answers and ofc good luck on all your endeavors

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