What is easier to do first open third eye or TGS?

I am curious of this honestly what would be easier to do and does it help the other?


It depends on the person honestly. For me third eye exercises are far easier than dropping into a trance state. I struggle with getting into one, staying there, and remembering anything once I come out of it. I also have no problem making contact with spirits when I’m not trying. However I think I suffer from performance anxiety, as when I do try I struggle again.


For me? Trance state. But…

This is also true regarding the exercises, as opposed to completely opening it.

I would do work on both at the same time.

Exactly. Even the parts of the mind that you do not use as much, when strengthened, can help the parts you DO use work better. It really is no different for trance and 3rd eye activation. The more you can train your mind to do, the more everything will perform for you. It stacks.


TGS is easier for sure

could they both aid one another yes an open third eye is essentially a heightened level of perception and a altered state is opportunity to experience more than what you see with your physical eyes.

id reccomend you find a “teacher” for opening your third eye if you dont already have one because they give you the full picture … the pineal gland, decalcifying, foods/fruits/juices that aid your pineal gland, chakra work, meditation work the effect of fluoride which is found in water/toothpaste you basically get the complete package … Once you have all the right info its as hard as you make it.

my suggestions

Ralph smart/infinite waters
Teal swan

All have priceless work on youtube for free of course.


Look, you enter theta state every night before you go to sleep and every morning before your awake. That halfway point between am I asleep or awake is deep theta. Now all we are doing in ritual is hitting that state while staying awake.

Pure wastegash no, and her book was just a plagiarisation of Indian guru swamiji.
There’s some great stuff on YouTube but that’s not it.

To get into TGS all you need is wither binural beats at 4.2hz, or search here for the void meditation, or to look up at the corner of the ceiling in front of you at 45 degrees angle and bring your vision back as if you’re looking at something directly in front of you. or chant a mantra or use prayer beads a lot of different cultures from different parts of the world use those in their practices.

This video goes into some other methods from about 25 mins on


TGS is what opens the third eye if you want to be technical about it.


You have already done one instinctively.


If you can do it, sleep deprivation is a time honoured method pf getting into the TGS. Shoot for 4 days without sleep. You’ll be walking around in a magical trance all day.

Sadly, I’ve never made it past 36 hours with this method. It tends to aggravate my disthymia, (which is a form of depression), If you are healthy, it is a simple method for trance. I’ve been told by others that “reality” starts to peel like an onion…

No third eye required.