What is difference between a God, an Angel and a Demon?

These are three types of high entities. What is difference ?

god is a dog. A furry potato

angel is a legna = One hot mama, this little lady is the spice of everyone’s life. She’s got the bod to turn heads every which way. She’s a little flaky when it comes to making plans, but if you actually get her to show up, she’s the life of the party.

demon is nomed = A debilitating fungus that strives on the genitalia. Causes respiratory problems and baldness.

these are according to urban dictionary. lol

U didn’t think that was funny using the name backwards? :crazy_face:

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Gods are a race
demons are a race
Angels are a race.

It’s basically like asking what’s the difference between an apple, orange, and pineapple.

Gods can create demons or angels or other race (see Judeo angels and Aphrodite’s Erotes, Nyx’s shadow people, Set’s Sethians, Aset’s Asetians, etc)

Angels, Gods, and Demons aren’t the only beings in existence.

Demons are created with dark energy as their element, angels as light (not the cliche light and dark lhp/rhp people go on about but the actual elemental energies) and Gods are born/created with varying elemental energies, fire, water, earth, air, cosmic, void, lava (hephaestus) light, dark, etc.

Gods consist of Primordials, Titans/Jotuns, and 3rd generation Gods such as the Olympians, Ennead, etc. However, the race of Gods vary in species as well, the Celtic Gods arent the same as the Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, etc Gods, and so on, demons have their own different species as well from succubi/incubi, draconic demons, etc, as well as angels having their own races and subspecies judeo having seraphim, Cherubim, Ophanim, angels…however, unsure how Erotes or Ma’ati angels have in their species as of yet.