¿What is darkness?

Questions summary:

Is darkness the same as intent to destroy/damage others?

Can darkness be a creative force?

How do you live/feel the dark? ¿What it is for you?

Hello everyone, i am starting this topic due to experiencies i have been living since i were a teenager…The thing is that sometimes i can allign myself with a kind of earthly energy which awakens the more instinctual or darker parts of myself…However, this episodes make me feel very powerfull and does not bring negative or destructive thoughts…I feel i am experiencing the dark ( i even feel that a male goat idol is near me, or shadows emanating from me) and i dont feel anything unpleasant at all, only an energy push from below and a sense of empowerment…I am able to enjoy the more subtle or commonly called divine energies too…

So, what is dark exactly? Am i experiencing it, or is it something else?

Thank you for reading.

To me darkness is an elemental energy that was taken exceedingly to an edgy place, not by teens but by adult occultist. An energy that can be manipulated however the owner sees fit.


Darkness does not equal evil or destruction.
Darkness IS a creative force.
It can be both, just like water can both give life and destroy it. Fire can kill you and save your life. You need air for breathing, but a storm can kill you. The earth makes plants grow, but you can get buried under a landslide.
And so darkness can destroy, but also create and heal.
To me, darkness is soothing sometimes.