What is clarity?

I’ve been involved in an issue for a while. My intuition tells me it’ll work out, some way. That I’ll have it resolved. My friends with their abilities and tarot agree, as do the spirits and synchronicites around me.

Everyone knows this issue. Where time is the only decider and you’re left to question everything you have. It would be clear, if not for two things. Inconsistency and worry. Sometimes our intuition isn’t right, or we read it wrong, and when something is important enough, it always seems to bother a fixating sign like myself, even when they aren’t focused. When all you can do is wait, confirm, and worry there is an epitome of perception that we all strive for.

Clarity. Clairsentience, claircognizance. We all chase these things, and yet sometimes we find ourselves burdened by blindness. I visited the void and simply asked for clarity. It was a very… odd process, asking for “experience”. I didn’t think it would work, but it almost felt like a jackhammer was going up and down my body.

I’m still worried, and yet I see things clearly. I see what I saw before, I’m just more “sure” of it. Yet, I still worry. Does clarity vanquish fear of not seeing clearly? No. Because you fear that what you see is not real, or true, and that even the clarity is an illusion. I have every reason in the world to believe it, but it all boils down to one or two reasons it might be considered improbable to worry me.

Like Michael said, I will worry, it is nearly inevitable. He almost felt defeated when he told me there was nothing he could do, and I was to just endure it.

So for me, it’s taken an ultimate form. Fear, because of waiting. Time is passing and I’ve got handfuls of confirmation, and no denial. I am impartial, seeking the truth over what I want to be true. I’m still terrified. So what is the answer? Endure it? Is there an answer? What if my psyche is just TELLING me to endure it, knowing full well that nothing is intended to happen? That’s the trap.

What can I learn from this? Maybe to trust my friends. Maybe that some pain is necessary. Maybe there is nothing to learn, a cosmic coincidence of pain. My intuition says so. All I can do is distract myself.

Share your experiences.

in my personal experience theres always lessons in your down moments, and you will come out of it wiser if yopu learn


I agree for the most part.

Never stop asking yourself this.
When you look back, you noticed you learned most during your hard times.


What do I do when I trust my intuition and I get lead astray? How do I even nail intuition down?