What is bioenergy

I call myself a “bioenergetic.” What is bioenergy? How does it work? What are her methods? What can she do to help? It is the answers to these questions that this article is devoted to.

According to the medical encyclopedia, “bioenergetics” is a set of energy conversion processes that occur in the body and ensure its vital activity. The bioenergetics of organisms is based on the laws of thermodynamics, which are the same for living and inanimate systems.

In accordance with its laws, a living organism is an open stationary non-equilibrium system exchanging matter and energy with the environment.

The task of bioenergy is to purposefully influence energy and use it.

The purpose of bioenergetics is to restore the balance of energy, make up for its deficiency, eliminate its excess, destroy the energy of negative programs (spoilage, spell, evil eye, curse) and eliminate the energy of disease.

In bioenergetics there are no rituals, “invocations to spirits”, magic. There is energy and only energy here. And the one who controls it is called “bioenergetic”. A bioenergeticist is a specialist in working with energy. He is her conductor, battery, generator, transmitter.

And with what energy, or rather, with what energies does bioenergy work? Everything that surrounds us is energy. Physicists say that matter is condensed energy held by a magnetic field. Nature, the elements, space, the air around us, the earth under our feet — all this is filled with energy, and is its source.

Simple examples.

You sat around the campfire and warmed up. And at the same time, there was more strength and energy. This is bioenergy.

You’ve been to a concert by your favorite artist. And at the same time, there was more strength and energy. This is bioenergy.

You have visited your favorite place in nature. And at the same time, there was more strength and energy. This is bioenergy.

Bioenergetics sees a person as a whole structure, where the body, spirit, soul, mind, energy, and emotions are interconnected. And man himself is a part of the Earth and the Universe, where everything lives according to common laws and principles. Including — according to the general laws of energy.

There are many passive and active energy sources around us. Some sources are ready to give their energy, literally, “splashing out” it — these are the so-called places of power. And energy must be “extracted” from passive sources, as in the extraction of gold from the earth’s crust. But, in any case, there is an infinite amount of energy around us. But the active and “working” energy becomes in the hands of a bioenergetic.

The energy around us is heterogeneous. Around us is a wild broth of diverse energies — good and bad. Some types of energy can have a beneficial effect, some can harm a person. A professional bioenergeticist can distinguish between harmful energies, and resist them, and defend against them, and some can process negative energy into positive energy.

There are universal specialists who work with many types of energies. There are narrow-profile specialists who work with the same success with only one “own” type of energy.

For some, it’s water. Many grandmothers, healers, working with water, turn it into a real cure for many diseases. Hydrotherapy (including balneotherapy) is working with the energy of water.

For some, this is fire. Working with candles in the treatment and cleansing of negativity is working with the energy of fire.

For some, it is nature and flora. Understanding and using the energy of medicinal plants and other organic materials is a direction in bioenergetics called naturopathy.

The currently fashionable SPA procedure - “stone therapy” - is also a manifestation of bioenergetics, where the energy of the earth and the energy of stone are used.

One of the most important sources of energy for some bioenergetics is egregors. What is an egregore? The Gospel of Matthew (18, 20) describes the principle of egregore. “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Uniting people for the sake of one goal, idea, creates an energy field. At first, this field is “pumped up” with energy from people, and then it begins to give its energy to people. But not for everyone, but for those who can access the energy of the egregore. The strongest egregors are religious ones.This explains the phenomenon of healing with prayers and conspiracies. There are tens of millions of Christians, and prayer does not work for everyone. Why? It depends on the degree of connection with the egregor, commitment to it and complete “immersion” in it.

But the carrier of these energies can be the person himself. The so-called “fifth element” is also present in the concept of the four elements. This element is Spirit. The human spirit can synthesize and absorb all these energies and become a carrier of universal energy, for every case and for every problem.

The bioenergetic does not give away its energy. Although there are exceptions among specialists who work only on their energy, “squeezing” themselves like a lemon. But competent bioenergetics involves the use of those energy sources that are around in a great variety.

The most primitive example is that plants “absorb” the energy of the Sun in order to use it later in the process of oxygen production. Similarly, a bioenergetic, “absorbing” energy diverse in its sources and characteristics, transforms it into a new quality — into a working tool that is always at hand, which is always available.

Energy can be taken even from the air, just by breathing. But not just breathing. Methods of working with breathing for energy accumulation and management have been developed in detail in Indian pranayama and Chinese Qigong.

The more often you come into contact with “living” energy, the more energy you pass through yourself, the stronger you become. A bioenergetic is a channel that transmits energy. A bioenergetic is a battery that accumulates energy reserves for all kinds of needs. A bioenergetic is a transformer that processes and modifies energy.

In the universe and in physics, there is a “law of conservation of energy”. All known processes in nature, without exception, obey this law. Energy can only transform from one form to another, but its quantity remains constant. It changes shape, but retains its “charge”. And this principle, as a fundamental one, is used by bioenergetics in its healing and correctional practice.

Bioenergetics as a healing practice is based on the concept of subtle human bodies, where the physical body is only 1/7 of the complex structure called “man”. And it is in the subtle bodies that the bioenergetic performs its work. Even when applying his hands to a sore spot, he does not affect tissues and organs, but energy — the energy of the source of the disease.

It would seem, what effect can ordinary hand application bring? It’s not in the hands, it’s not necessary to apply them, but in the contact of the energy carried by the bioenergetic with the energy of the patient. And the bioenergetic corrects energy flows and energy centers, “destroys” foci of pathogenic energy, and gives positive creative energy to a sick person.

Bioenergetics experts cite statistics that up to 80% of diseases and health disorders can be treated with energy methods.

When working with health, bioenergetics places special emphasis on working with chakras and energy channels. It is by working with the invisible that bioenergetics get visible results and changes.
The peculiarity of bioenergetics is to transform the energy with which it works to suit the needs of a certain person.

Each person lives “on his own wave”, an energy wave. The bioenergetic “adjusts” to the frequency of a certain person’s energy. As one Qigong master wrote about working with schizophrenia: “I enter the patient’s consciousness, feel his pain and disorders, immerse myself in his schizophrenia, and pull this sick energy out of him.”

A bioenergetic can be an energy donor and a vampire. To give a sick person the positive energy that the bioenergetic has transformed and accumulated. But how can he be a “vampire”? Maybe. In a useful way. Unlike energy vampires, who “pull out” living, healthy energy from other people, bioenergetics “pull out” pathogenic, sick, heavy energy from a person.

To “pull out” bad energy and “put in” healthy, clean energy instead is the basic method of bioenergy.

And by “hooking up”, feeling the frequency of the energy of a particular person, and “adjusting” to him, you can work with him from a distance. This is both working with a phantom (a person’s energy trace) and working on photography.

But bioenergetics does not only work with health. Bioenergetics also works with space, with objects, with relationships, with events, with thoughts, emotions, actions and behavior of a person. There is energy in all of this. And if the energy is present, then it can be influenced and controlled. And when “connected” to the karmic body, it is possible to influence karma and fate.

The finer the energy a bioenergetic uses, the more complex, subtle problems he can solve.

Bioenergetics is not a gift. Every person is a carrier of this living energy. Each person consumes energy, processes it and radiates it into the surrounding space. And a bioenergetic is someone who purposefully influences and controls energy.

To master the skills of working with energy, a bioenergetic must “set up” himself as a system — a system where the body, mind, spirit and soul are in harmony. Such unity “adjusts” the whole essence of a specialist to high-quality and effective energy management. With practice, the ability to feel energy increases, manage more and more amounts of energy, work with serious disorders and be a source of high-power energy.
Abilities come and develop by combining theory and practice. There are many energy and spiritual practices that develop the ability to manage and use energy. These are Qigong, yoga, Reiki, pranayama, meditation, shamanic practices, prayer. Bioenergetics is multifaceted, it absorbs and welcomes all possible knowledge and techniques that give control over energy.

The path of bioenergetics is the path of all life. These skills will not disappear. They may weaken, but they will not disappear. Therefore, practicing bioenergetics is one of the best investments in oneself. Even if you do not do this professionally, helping people, you will do a great good service for yourself, raising your energy tone and strengthening the foundation of your health — your energy.


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