What is an easy spirit to contat that is non-threatening (or has little baggage associated with it)

I find it hard to believe an Angel would talk to me, I was raised in the Christian tradition and God never said a f**cking word to me, so why would an Angel. BUT I also bring some baggage from that tradition with me. Such as. I think Demons are scary.

Is there a neutral spirit out there, that will talk to beginners?

I made a Acquisito talisman, I liked that, but I also read that Elemental type spirits could be tempermental. I am trying to be friends, I don’t a mistake to tick off an Elemental.

Any recommendations for a situation like this?

I read/saw something on talking to ancestors for help or guidance. My family would not be the best people to get advice/help from. They probably would not help at all.

You would be surprised with how death can change deceased family members. They can have a far more broad perspective on things now that they are free from the limitations of life. Mine has surprised me on more than one occasion.

But to answer your question, have you looked to gods of other Pantheons than the standard Judeo Christian one? There are many out there one can work with, depending on what you are looking for


Is there a good way to approach an ancestor?
I know I should meditate. I do that everyday. Cabbalistic Cross, LRP, then Middle Pillar. then I might do a Chakra meditation if I have time. I also move the energy around, up one side than down the other. I also pretend I am in an egg and let the energy coat me too. But that is it.

Is this is the time I should be reaching out. Right after the Middle Pillar part of the exercise and I have moved the energy around? Would I be more likely to reach them at this point.
(also I listen to Theta wave Isochronic tones when I do all of this)

(thanks for answering. I would stay and chat but I work Tue through Sat, so I gotta head out for work, but thank you for answering so quickly, this is just great)

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No worries, and it is pretty easy. Start by looking at it this way: your entire existence, at least in physically, is the result of a long line of millions of people spanning throughout the ages of human history. Within your blood remains the echos of all those lives, the good and bad. People who shared similiar themes for hope, moments of anger, moments of failure and success. All their stories from their first breath to their last weave into your own, even though the setting is completely different. All their strength, all their hope, all their rage, is exists just beneath your skin. To reach them, you have to go within, not without.

So, first step would be to learn your family history. You will never know all of it but with technology today, you can go back further than many could in the past. Once you have a basic knowledge, learn about the history of the places they lived in to get an understanding of what they may have gone through. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the people of the past, as you will figure out who you want to connect with and who you do not.

When you have done that, take some time to mediate. Focus on your heart beat and breath, the life your ancestors gave you and the legacy of their lives that flows in your veins. Truly be one with yourself and the life that you are. When you are ready, shift your focus onto anyone or all of your ancestors. Go through what you have learned about them. Call to them from within you and present what you need help with. They will answer, as ancestors have a vested interest in their descendanta.

It seems overly simple, but it is a practice that has existed far longer than any organized religion. There is a good reason why, as it has worked for many people. You can also go further by exploring how various cultures (such as where your ancestors comes from) revered and worked with their dead for other ways to establish a connection.


I took a little peek behind the ancestral curtain not long ago. It was not exactly pleasant and resulted in some rather odd mood swings. I am no expert in ancestral work. Any insight on what hapoened?

Hm, the easy answer would be that they are upset with you for some reason. It can happen but that does not chime right in this case. Perhaps it is because you are not used to working with them and it is a teaching method that decided to use? I’ve had that treatment from time to time. A little tough love when I needed it, maybe it is the same kind of deal.

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Would something like one of those geneology sites be useful. I think they test some body fluid and tell you what your ethnic group is and things like that.
I think there may be one that does geneology too, so if anybody else in my family has wondered, it might already be partially done for me.

Is this what you had in mind? Or were you thinking something else.
I am not sure how to start.

That works, that is where I started. I was lucky enough to have one family member who was more than willing to share all she knew before she passed. If you can find one who is, that can help you fact check whatever pops up on the records, which you could find in various government offices as well. There are genealogy groups out there who can help you find resources that may help as well. How far you want to go is up to you. This is meant to help you with the emergence process

DNA tests are great, but keep in mind that the mutations they use to determine ethnic backgrounds are their best guesses based on where they occur most commonly.

They’re all scary and threatening, if you’re harbouring expectations that they’re scary and threatening. :wink:

Deal with your expectations and fears before you summon any being.

That said, if you’re feeling quite comfortable with talking to a god or a goddess, that might be a good way to start for you.

I wanted to add my thoughts to this because I can really relate to how you describe your thoughts and circumstances. Its tough and it can feel terrifying. So just to give a bit of perspective from me to you:
Sometimes we are most scared of the greatest changes, I know I was. To me the first time I interacted with Semyaza, I literally viewed him as the Devil. And back then I considered myself a Christian. Today I consider him as my closest friend. What made the difference for me was the fact that I would not let any preconception of another being hold me back. And in spite of the fear I was taught to have towards him from growing up in a Christian sect, I faced him with love. He has been my friend and I have been his since.
I guess the only difference between the word fiend and the word friend is a single letter R. To me this letter stands for relation. The magic is all in how you relate to someone, be it a human or an astral god, or any other being. The choice is yours as it always is.
I have seen many times how the more powerful “demonic” Kings and leaders/Gods challenge people with this exakt thing. If you give in to your fear, then you are not yet ready for their help, at least according to what they have told and shown me.

Any other god from any mythology might be okay.