What is an astral signature and what does it look like

i’ve read on the forum if you want to make sure you’re speaking to who you want and not a trickster spirit (Let’s day for instance i wanted to evoke Lucifer but wasn’t sure if it’s actually him) Ask for an astral signature. But what does an astral signature look like and what will a trickster spirit do if you ask for one?

It will generally look like the same sigil you used to call the spirit. An imposter will usually refuse, try talking their way around it, or some may get hostile. An astral signature is no good if your senses aren’t developed enough to see it though. And for every known and named spirit there are millions of unnamed and unknown spirits.

Some are curious, some helpful, some tricky or malicious. Use your best judgement, cleanse frequently unless you want a build up for whatever reason. Learn and get decent with at least one banishing ritual. If you do want a build up, please be considerate and use heavy warding to keep it to one area.

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Do you reccomend any banishing rituals other than the LBRP? I could just keep practicing that one but i’m finding it hard to resonate with it if that makes sense or get into it for better word

There are many, if you could tell me why that one doesn’t resonate I could better suggest one.

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well i watched E.A’s video on it and it’s very lengthy so maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to memorize, or the chanting very specific things but maybe that’s just part of a banishing ritual i’m not really knowledgeable on them

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It might depend on how good you are at energy manipulation and visualization. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like. The method I use is fairly simple.

I gather energy until I can’t hold anymore. You can take this from the sun, the earth, lighting, fire, etc. Have some fun, get creative with it. You can use the authority of your higher self/godform. Simply state that you are banishing all unwanted energies/spirits and mean it without a doubt.

Using yourself as the center point, stand in the middle of the room and simply radiate and direct that energy around you. I usually spin or honestly break out some bender type moves because it helps me get into it. See and feel the energy moving around you in a slowly expanding whirlpooly bubble of fire, golden light,or whatever else you chose.

Know that it’s chasing away or obliterating anything unwanted in your area. Keep going until you feel the area is clean or you can no longer focus or run out of energy. Smaller dumb things will usually melt, others will just leave. This is a simple and relatively quick way, but not the most thorough. In extreme cases you will want a serious banishing ritual like the LBRP.

Learn to shield and refresh or recharge it often. Warding is also a must if you live with other people, in an apartment, or closely built houses etc. Left unchecked these energies will effect others and draw all sorts of spirits like a beacon.


thank you i’ll try that, and what do you mean by warding?

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is the first thing I learned, and its helped out.

Lately Ive been trying to memorize Koetting’s KoF banishing, as I’m attracted to it and interested in comparing that to the LBRP. Once you get the LBRP down, word on the streets is that it can be modified however youd like. There’s a variety of options for banishings, what dyou feel drawn to?

For my shielding, i try to gather my energy/aura around me and turn it to purple flame. If I know theres a hostile entity or potential for such, the mental image changes to a dome of golden hexagrams with a blue center in each.

Not sure if there’s anything to those, I dont recall reading about those specifically, at first i did it instinctually, but now I just roll with it

As for wards, I am also curious.


Also, what if youre unfamiliar with what an entity’s astral signature/sigil looks like to begin with?

Is intuition enough to catch a skilled bamboozler?

Intuition is definitely handy, and I suggest using a sigil whenever possible. Make sure to politely dismiss or close the ritual when you are done. Most spirits are not going to stick around especially after a first meeting. Later on as a relationship develops, more familiar behavior is common.


What if the spirit has been known to have many different sigils/identities? Should you ask for a specific, personal one? What if you didn’t call the spirit with a sigil?

I’m so sorry for all the questions, but it’s something really relevant to me now. Intuition has always served me right but I think I need an upgrade.