What is a VeVe sorry newb to this voodoo loa stuff

What is a VeVe sorry newb to this voodoo loa stuff

A veve is a symbol that represents the LWA. Think of it as similar to a sigil for a demon from ceremonial magick, though not quite the same.


Do you open them like a sigil

You can, but I don’t believe that is the traditional way they are used, though I’m not very familiar with the system.


It’s correct that it is indeed like a sigil for a demon or a seal for an angel, with the caveat that same veve’s or verves are not directly tied to the summoning of a spirit. For example, I have a verve of protection from Legba, but it does not summon Legba, it summons the power of protection from Legba.

It is not the traditional way so to speak, but I open them like a sigil. The caveat being I don’t know how you’d fair if you open a random one so to speak. I started with Legba despite the invitation coming from Samedi and Kalfu. I don’t approach the current in the traditional method, but for some reason that stands out as the proper way to do it regardless of my other differences.

If your interested in the more traditional ways to use them, there is a lot of literature out there and I’m sure you can find it :wink:


are there veves used for summoning like what are the generic ones i find what are they for is it more like summoning general energy from the spirit and not directly to the spirit its self

i know ea koetting has a book do you know of other good sources

I’m afraid I cannot recommend anything on the topic. I differ in operation too far to subscribe to anything I’ve come across to date.

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yes same here thanks for your help none the less

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A veve is not really a symbol of the Lwa. They are first and foremost a spiritual signature of that kwa. The Lwa are not slaves of that veve, meaning just because you draw it that does not mean they have to show up. some are used for other purposes and will contain symbols that give meaning to the purpose of the ceremony. Think of it as a key to open the door to interaction between the profane material world and the sacred spiritual plane. …and, yes they are not the same and from different branches, I would align them much more with anaforuana, ajitenas, patipembas, and pontos riscados then I would a sigil.


Thank you that cleared a lot up