What is a magic battle and a magic war?

Magic wars entered the life of modern society not so long ago, the popularization of magic and its occupation brought this term to society. And mostly when it comes to magic battles, it’s about the rivalry of the masters for the client.

This is when one master tries to remove the induced effects from the client, and the one who put them on begins to resist. Such resistance can happen for years.

At the same time, as a rule, there are no winners in this fight. Since the masters, and the people who turn to them, are de-energized and lose a lot irretrievably. But this is a classic case of magical warfare.

Another thing is when one or a group of practitioners who imagine themselves to be super-duper magicians begin to influence others and end up with a practitioner or a group of practitioners. The motive may also be a banal competition between the masters.

And this kind of war can also be stretched over decades, but these wars develop practitioners and make them stronger, more experienced. But the consequences of such battles can be more severe than in the first type of war, which was described at the very beginning of this article.

The next type of magical war is associated with a confrontation with one of the egregors, this war is practically a death sentence for a practitioner, unless of course he is ignorant of magic of the highest order. This type of war differs from the first two in that the effects are fan-shaped, without a clear point of aggression, without respite and occur, as they say, 24 to 7 and 365 days a year.

If the practitioner is strong enough, then such a war can last for years, the purpose of which will be the death of one of the opponents. In rare cases, it is possible to come to an agreement with those entities that stand above the militant egregor.

A magical war between a practitioner and an entity or spirit.

This war can last several incarnations in a row. At the same time, the entity will strive to conquer the spirit of the practitioner or strive to master it.

This type of war occurs if the magician did not pay the entity’s bills. Or he violated the agreements.

Skirmishes between entities and magicians occur quite often, but a real war between a specific magician and an entity is quite rare. Since most of the creatures are higher in spiritual and magical development than most of the people, the entities have practically no enemies among society.

And then when the magician’s level is high enough, then the magician does not allow himself to be influenced by the creature, which causes, in essence, bewilderment, and further aggression. At the same time, it can be a being of both a higher order and a lower, middle order.

When attacking an entity, most people have no chance to resist, since the creature replaces the center of motivation during the impact, that is, the person, as it were, commits with himself what is beneficial to the entity.

Therefore, an ordinary person has no chance, since a person does not control his motivation center and does not track the sources of impulses that prompt action.

I have described the main types/types of magical warriors, and we can talk about magical combat.

Magical combat no longer takes place at the level of performing rituals and casting spells, but on fueling or retaining some form of objectivity. And the one who will overdo it or who will have more resources to recharge will win the fight. The trick of magic combat is that the enemy fed the form of objectivity you needed with his actions.

Magical actions in their basic form have several types and we are talking about a magical battle. At the same time, spoilage and curses in magical fights are not very effective, as a result of their inertia and when you need to act quickly, they are useless.

At the same time, vampirism, charms and evil eyes have little inertia and are more useful. When there is time to prepare, then you can use both an “empty” call (I described this in one of my articles) and some types of spoilage.

Strong evil eye - disrupts the energy of the enemy, or breaks energy channels, which demoralizes the enemy, while if the essence is weak or the human animal is weak, after the evil eye it dies. Charms - confuse and distort the perception of the enemy, forcing them to perform actions against his will.

Vampirism -weakens the enemy and destroys the body, while both yours and your enemy’s. At the same time, these actions work in proximity with a person, an entity, and in order to influence these magical actions at a distance, it is necessary to leave the body.

Modern combat magicians influence people more, changing their perception, instilling their information packages - necessary for magicians or an individual magician, people and egregors. They cause the mental states they need in the masses and, as a consequence, can affect people’s choices and their ideological postulates.

Mass-type magic combat is the manipulation of egregors and elementals, when magic can strike an area. At the same time, the impact can be in the form of a natural disaster, or in the form of mass insanity of people


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