What is a demon possession and why does Hollywood always portray it as a negative thing?

One of my spiritual teachers put it this way, Human bodies take a lot of maintenance, kind of like a car. And if you didn’t have one, where feeling mischievous, figured you could sneak into the garage and take that corvette out for a spin, and judged that you could probably get away with it with no repercussions, why wouldn’t an impulsive one go for it? I mean by and large demons get a bad rap anyway, so why not? Especially when a human comes by that’s dicking around with a Ouija board or something and no protection. The big “brand name” demons may have the emotional and mental maturity to not do that as well as a reputation to protect, but if you where a “young punk” of a demon, why not?


Im still pretty new at posting on this site, but wanted to add a little food for thought on the topic of possession, especially if people are bringing up christian ideologies into it.
One of the most violent forms of possession, in my opinion, is the christian stigmata, where a devout follower of “christ” is inflicted with his wounds one after another until they eventually expire. So, possession by “Jesus”??

Correct me if’m wrong but, aren’t one forms of possession done by having so much fear they feed on it ?
just like everything in life, if you fear to fall you will fall.


Well said, and yes, I have always believed so.

Ive learn to control my fears, and depending on the entity, they love to work with somebody with a strong will. Fear is the MAJOR thing you should focus on before summoning anything…

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Agreed. But in my experience, fear can also be used as a catalyst for a rite or working. Example, I was raised in a judeo christian household, so when I turned to the occult as a teenager, the fear of the powers I was working with actually made it that much more potent.

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And I understand you completely, Because I also Baptized as a christian, but even while at the church, I had images of demons and just I couldn’t be there type of feeling. found my self practicing SANTERIA. which then brought me to the Occult.( LONG STORY) but is not an easy path, and nothing in life is. Focus research and mediate.

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Definitley understand you. I was always drawn to, seduced, by the dark things that I was warned would “come after me if I was bad”. But yes, Focus, research, and meditate.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

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Myths and legends abound about the occult, demons and possessions, great fodder for a work of fiction and movie. Many of the events of demonic attack or possession are enlarged and fabricated by Hollywood to create hype to sell the movie.

So, the simple answer to portraying demonic possessions negatively is money, lots of it. Thanks to their low budgets, horror films are a sure bet to succeed.

IT, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel that became the most profitable horror film of all time when it grossed $700 million worldwide.

The power of Christ and the chruch to remove evil is a typical plot line that is not based on reality. Very few of the clergy will perform a exorcism to remove a demonic force, none have been documented as successful.


Like others have said, I do believe forced possession is a real thing. I also believe, like a lot of others here, that a lot of demons are actually gods that Christianity twisted around to a negative image to promote their ideals and god instead. That being said, I think a lot of what paranormal shows and Hollywood horror films call demonic entities are actually lower malicious entities wreaking havoc on peoples’ lives.

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Took the words right out of the mouth, but yes. I agree 100% brother.

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