What is a demon possession and why does Hollywood always portray it as a negative thing?

In countless Hollywood films such as The Exorcist Demons have been portrayed as negative things that can only be removed with the power of Christ. Is this true?




Forced possession is a thing, yes, and it’s never a pleasant experience. However, the symptoms are often embellished by Hollywood. Plus, demons aren’t the only spirits who do it.

Many cultures have their own methods of performing exorcisms. Using the name of Christ isn’t the only way.


…but what are your thoughts on the topic, rather than putting links to others replies on other threads?

In contrast to Hollywood’s salespitch that demons are the villains, a lot of animes put demons as the heroes, fighting evil angels. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a type example where demons are the heroes, fighting evil angels.


Its a topic that’s been discussed so many times by so many people… Should we open a thread each time someone else has the same questions?

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(Giant anime nerd incoming with spoilers)

Not quite.

NGE uses a lot of Abrahamic symbolism and terminology, but it’s not directly based on Abrahamic lore.

The Evas themselves aren’t demons; in fact, their designs were inspired by oni, which are Japanese ogres. They’re giant cyborgs created from a piece of a life-giving alien called Adam, who also created the angels. The Evas then had the souls of their pilot’s mothers forcibly injected into them by NERV in order to give them life and make it possible for the main characters to pilot them. They’re not really protecting the Earth either; they’re being used by NERV to initiate an apocalyptic event called the Third Impact which would destroy mankind’s physical forms and merge all of their consciousness into a single being (aka Human Instrumentality). But they can’t really do that with the angels constantly showing up.

As for the angels, the fact that their true forms are bizarre is at least played straight. However, their goal is to simply remove Lilith (another life-giving alien like Adam) and humanity off of the planet because the Earth was originally their home until Lilith accidentally crashed into it, which lead to the blood pouring from her wounds creating mankind.

I don’t blame you if any of you are confused by what I’m saying. NGE is fucking bonkers show.


If you’re possed by a familiar spirit I heard it can be quite very Pleasant.
But if you get possessed by a negative entity well I heard is terrifying most of the times even extremly painful. So for Hollywood movies they only show the negative side of possession, they never show the positive side.


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Whats the difference between a negative and a positive entity?

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Not quite ;).
That’s only Shingi and it was accidental. His father tried to find ways to remove her but couldn’t. This is also why Eva 1 won’t except Ray.


Of course not. Jesus and Jehovah can’t do any shit to any powerful demon. One interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that the non-Catholic priests that rely only on the power of their ‘Lord and Savior’ can’t exorcise most spirits but the Catholic priests/exorcists that pray to Archangel Michael and other angels can exorcise spirits.

Speaking of The Exorcist, 9 people died during its making.

When a Demon possesses a human or any other living thing it’s called demon possession. Demon possessions can be with or without the will of the individual who’s possessed.
Hollywood always portrays demons as negative beings because the people making those movies are arrogant shitheads.


Oh! You’re right about Shinji’s mom. My mistake.

Though Asuka’s mom’s soul was bound to EVA-02 in the original show.


I did forget about Asuka’s mom.

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That is fascinating!


Demons are not evil. They are gods!
They been worshiped before Christianity and other religions. Once Christianity came they demonize them saying that they are evil and anyone worshipping them would be brought to trial.

I heard many positive encounters with demons that helped people during hard times.
I my self I believe Lord Lucifer been with me since i was born and saved my life.

As for negative entity they are pure evil that feed on your energy and they like to cause chaos in your life.

I haven’t worked with demons yet
All this information I gathered from books, documentaries and internet

Hope that helps,


To be quite honest it’s because of our surrounding culture and the stereotypes people have for demons. Even though the religion is most certainly not truly taken to heart by everyone that claims it, we still have a lot of cultural Christians. Forms of the occult are addicting to everyone, but because of that culture aspect, demons are the antagonist in the horror genre.

My experience with demons has been very eh (save for the beautiful guardian) and I could see where some of it comes from because let’s be honest, pissing off a demon can have bad results. Demonic possession is real. It can be rather scary, both to yourself and to others around you. One of my exes was possessed by a prince demon. His eyes were as dark as black itself. I’ll list some of the crazy stuff that happened. He would have panic attacks out of nowhere, sometimes lasting until sunrise. Nothing seemed to be going well. He was hard into drugs and it seemed to be the only thing fueling him. He was mentally and emotionally abusive for entertainment, manipulating me to do crazy shit I would otherwise never agree to (steal, wash dishes topless so drops would splash on my chest and burn, influence me to call him someone else in bed). For the most part, it seemed impossible to say no to him. When I did finally learn that it was the demon and not the boyfriend, and quit putting up with his shit, he tried to slit my throat using the boyfriend as the tool to do it.

The power of Christ can remove any demon but honestly that’s not like the crap in the movies, either. You don’t just say some latin-based mumbo jumbo while sprinkling holy water on someone and just expect that to be the end of it. That demon has buddies. If he can’t get you himself, it’s not like he doesn’t have allies to call up and help with the cause.


I understand there have been possitive encounters with them. But I have a question: why demons possess people against their will??


I get that question quite a lot from people unfamiliar with the occult. I personally have never been possessed against my will. My Matron Goddess has my permission to fully possess me, but has never done it in a way that I was shut out. Right now I am doing training with another entity and I have made a pact with him, that he can only partially possess me to make direct communication easier. I think a lot of forced possessions are caused by sloppy work or dabbling. I’ve heard from people dealing with imposters and get tricked into possession. Again, I have no personal experience with it. I also believe in self-fulfilling prophesy and not just in the “be careful what you wish for” sense. If people try to contact an entity that they are consciously or subconsciously scared of, they actually might get a very scary experience. It happens quite a lot, especially with people who have hidden issues with christian conditioning. That, I have experienced while doing an evocation. I was lucky that my Matron was watching out for me, so the terrifying looking Demon dialed it down quite a bit. But I had no idea that I still had issues with christianity. I left the catholic church at 7. I think most people bring forced possession onto themselves by either being naive or reckless. :slightly_smiling_face: