What impossible things have you achieved with magick?

Hey y’all! I read some posts related to this topic I just created but they were just asking what is and isn’t possible with magick. A lot of things have been deemed impossible until someone managed to make it happen so, here I am… just wanna hear some interesting stories about “impossible” things you’ve done with magick. :thinking:

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there should be a thread about this already, but I don’t have the link on me.

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I called the gods to open mayonnaise


I seem to be good at bringing relationships back from no hope via magick

However I’m realising I need to put more effort into choosing relationships that will serve me better in the first place and letting go of those that don’t

Ultimately I think magick has taught me I can create anything I want… but not everything I create serves me other than a life lesson


lol I remember that episode haha!

Creating an unbreakable backbone.


Can you tell us more about your unbreakable backbone?

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Magick helped me heal as a child and made me independent. It made my happiness independent from what others think. Abd it helped me make the decision that nothing is ever going to break me, no matter what.


My post is also a response to @AlexandriaCollins

Note: I’m not arguing against love magic, just be wise in whom you “target”

TLDR: I used magic to manipulate my partner like silly putty and ended up hurting myself by getting stuck in a harmful, unhappy, relationship. Love Magick is quite effective, I assure you.

This, I recently used love spells to extend a negative, anxiety-inducing, relationship for months. We broke up multiple times, argued a ton, yet she would keep coming back to me (what can I say, ya boi does good ritual work). We were not compatible, yet she couldn’t shake the need to be with me. This concluded in a pretty bad breakup (the fourth or fifth FINAL breakup), self-harm on both sides, and us blocking each other on social media (and me throwing a curse). My mental health is recovering gradually. However, it was a learning experience that was painful for me ( with lots of magical and mundane takeaways).

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My daughter is in remission because of magic uhh sigil magic…demon…magic idk the name for it I basically called on a demon who is now a great friend to me to heal my now 3year old from her cancer…she is healthy happy and doing wonderful thanks to him…also working on my senses which seem to have never needed work just acceptance I can hear feel some times see and some times smell things others wouldn’t my intuition has gotten better…other feats all has to do with working with demons honestly cause I haven’t really done much else…besides improve my life… rofcale helped me gain stuff for my new born others help gain fans for my book gave courage to do things I never thought I could met the love of my life it just goes on I’d love to get into new magic I just still have no clue what tho


I got into occult to try and get my ex back but I never succeeded. I wish I had the chance you had with your target, oh for pete’s sake i would have done everything to make it work. :sweat_smile:

I’m not trying to say that what you did was perfectly fine but if I was given that chance, even if it was just a one and final chance, I think my life would be better. One of my biggest regrets was letting him go so there’s that.


I’m glad you’re still around. :sparkles:


Not really magick related but my guardians take care of the lesser spirits and parasites for me so I don’t need to do LBRP all the time… in fact I don’t banish any longer… I stay loyal to them and so do they to me


Easy on the guilt trip, you live and you learn.