What If The Occult Was No Longer “Hidden”?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been in deep contemplation lately. One of the biggest thoughts that I can’t seem to shake is about the occult in general.

I think we can all agree that within the world, occultists are a minority (at least, compared to mainstream science or religion). This is an avenue that very few take, even with the wonderful gift of the internet, where these secrets are at the finger tips of those who truly desire the knowledge. But I’ve been thinking lately, what if this wasn’t the case?

I know that currently, we are probably a very long way from this, but lets say hypothetically, what if the occult was common knowledge? Hypothetically, what would the world look like if these teachings were taught in schools across the globe? What if people knew how to evoke spirits as well as they knew their ABC’s?

How would science be different? Would religion still exist? Most interestingly, how would spirits view us humans, if this scenario was true? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this. It seems like an interesting scenario. Thanks!


Hiya OP! I have a group ritual planned for this explicit purpose, it should be findable in my topics. :slight_smile:

Although we’re definitely a long way from children being taught that the letters of their alphabets are spirits they can talk to, there’s no guarantee it’ll be widely practiced in addition to widely acknowledged and believed in. :slight_smile:

I think most people would pick up some kind of energy techniques, professional sorcerers would be employed at all public and private levels in the shadows, families and groups would go back to having a shaman (of blood relation most likely though not uniformly) for their spiritual troubles, priests would be expected to become proficient in healing and exorcism while all professions eventually incorporate a little magic into their operations, such as quantum diviners, programmers with remarkably complex talismans, police psychics and scryers trying to catch criminals before/during/after the fact and police magicians weakening and binding suspects to prevent escape and noncompliance. There would be maybe endless new jobs created, the utility of which is only limited by the imagination. Imagine factories that produce talismanic titanium, or cars manufactured with protective spirits inside of them; imagine the massive group rituals to influence elections or sports subsequently becoming enforceably outlawed, or a total dictatorship engineer sophisticated magic to dissolve other countries, or cursed nukes.

Sleep tight! :slight_smile:


Hell on Earth would likely happen.


Awesome theory. It’d surely be one interesting world!

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Seems more mainstream than ever before imho. Sure there is Hollywood media and games, and books, and comics, etc but all that is gateways based on work up to this point. When leisure time becomes parts of this then its entrenched in everything. I was reading that up until the 1960s people were still very repressed. The churches push to regain this but they’re not doing so well so naturally they go towards the apocalypse and end time prophecies to spread more fear.


Interesting. Im curious to know why you think this. Do you feel that at the current level of consciousness, widespread knowledge of this would only cause further destruction instead of enlightenment? Do you feel as though this knowledge should only be offered to those who are psychologically and emotionally ready? Like the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” ordeal? Cheers.


They already are.


True! I mean more along the lines of bsckroom sorcery become an industry in its own right. :slight_smile:


Kind of, yeah. I guess it would depend on how it would be presented to the collective.

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I think that if the occult was widespread, people would abuse it like they do religion.

I subscribe to the philosophy that there are people out there who should not know things like this because they can use it for their own, dirty ends or something. But, I’m also the weirdo who thinks that not everyone is real and this world is an illusion (and some of the people are, too) so I’ll just be in my corner playing with my Barbie dolls.

I also had a dream once where the big man told me to not let my spiritual gifts become a stumbling block for the weak, so I always keep that in mind. Sometimes people believe the occult will solve all their problems when really they have the power to also do it themselves without the assistance of spirits.

I like the concept though, it would be great if it were more widely accepted… but we live in a place now where I can’t walk into target dressed like a Teifling from D&D for a campaign after work without people poking mean-spirited fun at me. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Paranoia would spread. Doesn’t even have to be among non-practicioners, I already experienced “It must have been you” in circles of occult knowledge.
It would lead to more conflicts, in my opinion.


I think that the “occult” is not that occult anymore. Mainstream bookstores sell occult books and tools, and the online catalog has never been so wide. A lot of people don’t care/are afraid of it and won’t buy the stuff, but it has never been so available, plus there are many free online resources, such as this forum, for the people who want to learn.

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Honestly probably wouldn’t turn out the best as everyone would become power hungry, outbreak of curses aimed at people for minor reasons, anything could happen, too many scenarios. Not everyone can control themselves. You’d have to raise them from it from child for them to completely understand without trying to go power surge crazy during teen years or early adult stage :flushed:

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I don’t think anyone is ever ready. It also seems that the point of the process (or journey) is to make you.

If the occult was widely accepted, maybe it would pressure people to lead more open and honest lives. Maybe there would be less oppressive governments. I know–wishful thinking.


This topic comes up a lot. I mean a lot, most responses you’ll get is paranoid occultists. This information isn’t hidden and if you’re going off people who are emotionally and mentally ready then you won’t find really anyone ready. The occult isn’t hidden, people simply either care or don’t care about it. Not everyone needs the occult in their life to progress in their life, not everyone’s goals require the occult. You also have to take in some are just using the occult as a means of escapism. So if the occult were to not be hidden then life would go on as it already has been.


Exactly, the same thing applies to any other knowledge or activity. Not everyone needs to be an olympic athlete or a PhD in astronomy either, some people have carved rocks for over 50 years and are happy doing that.


I believe people already abuse it and have been. Its there choice and what’s goes on in their spiritual empire is their own business and I’m not one to judge what they do or how they do it. I won’t have to clean up their messes unless somehow they involve me in their world (which hopefully won’t ever happen).


Im glad you said this. Ive long thought highly radioactive elements have the potential to play a huge roll magick. I mean, they are harmful because they give off massive amounts of energy

Edit: also if everyone knew about it, it would cease to be occult by definition.


Then, by definition, it would become Noccult :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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A criminal who steals money would probably be able to hire more magicians to bind the police and unbind them. Or they would even practice it themselves.