What if a Spirit came, you missed contact and he doesn't come back?

Well, I called a spirit from Dr. Fausts Grimoire which showed himself shortly, suddenly and after minutes after the call, then disappeared. When I went to bed I saw a man beside my bed watching me. This was the moment when I could tell him my will but he shocked me and I screamed because he woke me up in a weak moment.

I called him again but he did not come back.
Is there any meaning I don’t understand?
What could make him show himself again?

Help me please. I want to have contact again.
I need advice.


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He might just come back, Odin tried contacting me 3 times and I thought it was for a friend of mine so i ignored all three lol then he came with a physical calling and that’s when I finally answered lol. However when you do get a ring from an entity there’s usually an energetic tether still which you can hook into either a ritualistic calling or a direct calling.