What I Want To Say About E.A

I know what I am. My own path hasn’t been easy. I have fought for and wanted to believe it wasn’t and couldn’t be true all of the god-kings that has ALWAYS guided mankind in front of the scenes and behind are long gone.

The hard truth is any of their new incarnations are all honestly defunct. I personally know this by first hand better then anyone else. Almost 20 years I have sought them out and everyone of them are inoperative.

I have been watching E.A. for years putting him on the backburner in my continued searching. I felt pulled in the last few months to start this ‘working’ with Archaelous.

Its been a very difficult past few weeks since I have started it. Whatever I was hoping for isn’t there. I am going to rest.

To E.A. maybe you will read these words or not. It doesn’t matter. I know what you are. Your final form was revealed to me. A part of Archaelous will always remain in me now.

The Work will continue for me. Has this chapters closes for me, with new year around the corner await to see what to it holds. I know now, better how utterly alone I am.

I wish only the best for what this site stands for and what E.A. has done for our species.


Are you ok? I am here if you want talk


Me too, u can count on me.


I’m fine. I’m just super tired is all.


My working with Archaelous is coming to end is all. I’m okay guys.


What makes you think the gods are defunct? They really aren’t…

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Good, get some rest and get some energy back. Salt baths, walks and all things that rejuvenate energy levels .

Being alone is better than being around false people. I cherish being alone for that reason. :heart:


They aren’t gone or defunct.
Neither is EAK. Chalk it up to user error or disconnect. The server works just fine.
The IT department is enjoying their holiday free of angst and lamentation.