What I just woke from

So I have been coming to understand that I am really on my way. but I just woke from such an eye opening experience. It even helped me to better understand past experiences and where dreams and OBE’s meet. While falling asleep I couldn’t help but picture myself swinging this sweet katana. I didn’t follow all the steps in @Mephistor 's Creating Astral Weapons post, but I did read it yesterday and thought I might try to go to the dojo today, as the dojo I pictured was relatively peaceful and the nature surrounding was beautiful that I had pictured. However I was going through dream-like storylines; which Lilith helped me through. I was drawn to this very corner diagonal from my bed. Spirits were approaching like they were going to get me. I began to seek help, and instinctively called upon Lucifer-as he is known but wants me to refer to him as Leviathan. Anyway I call on him and he shows me that all these spiritual attacks would be negated and things would be still. They were. He showed me to look beyond the illusion that I am being attacked, and realize that those spirits would be as mosquitos should I not fear them. That my astral air can be calm. Like so much was going on and he just opened me to realization that they are really not that strong. It’s funny, at first I was like “oh shit, I don’t know if I even did enough research to be calling on him.” And then I ask myself " Why did I do it then?" and he came and helped. I then had a dream where I was picking up on storylines that synchronized with other dreams. Telling me that these other dimensions are HERE. That astral and dreams do meet. That you can connect to past present and future. Time is not linear or separate where I went. I saw a beautiful stream, and I saw a lot of things that speak to me about past- even recent past- dreams and experiences, and they meet somewhere. All of it…It was very neat. To my knowledge since I got serious about evocation I had not found much time to look into Leviathan and really wanted to research him before bringing him about, but we got familiar and just…I’ve gotta take a break from this typing, but I mean hellyeah, I wanted to share this experience, I’ve had several worth sharing, but about as soon as I got up I knew I would want to write as much down as I could bare before jumping on here or going anywhere. I can see that I am transcending and no doubt receiving help. Gtg Seeyall later


I don’t know why he would tell me to say that. Maybe his sense of humor lol dont know Im going to look the two names up. See I don’t know why I would have called upon him when I haven’t done the research on the other Lucifers, but I did feel that he came. I felt that I ha had a whole army of demons round me last night and it gave me energy, I had called out saying “to all those who have been helping me come!” and I was doing an offering. It was like with hearing the voices just a feeling of so many presences and it was cool. I may have left out some details above, I’ll see, I had to leave in a hurry as I was finishing this post.

I once had a vision of a leviathan flying through outer space. This light dude touched the leviathan on the forehead then the leviathan’s brain lit up with bright light. as that happened, I was somehow cast from the brain of the leviathan and flew from it through space until I landed in the Earth’s orbit, except when I found the Earth, it wasn’t formed yet. Then I watched the whole history of the Earth from outerspace and I looked down on the Earth and saw all the civilizations of the Earth.

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One time I was being attacked(apparently) by shadowy forms that radiated fear and negative feelings. So then I did this technique I’ve been honing for some time. I just shouted, “DEPERSONAFY!” in my mind then suddenly all the shadow forms become chunks of rocks and matter and I became a black leviathan. Then I used astral alchemy and broke down all the material drifting around me before going to sleep.