What I can I do to weaken somone'so powers that does voodoo

I don’t think he nor is family is all that powerful just in certain basic things. They do a lot of evil and then expect no consequences. I want him stopped quickly and broken and to make harmful things happen to him and his family he needs a dose of his own medicine he needs to get his just desserts. He’s been intentionally doing evil for a long time. I need help quickly. need something really powerful.

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Loco is known to have an intolerance for injustice, if you can bring this to his attention he’ll probably help you out.

OK thanks

One of the very few ways one could fight a voodoo practitioner would be to find one of their enemies of the White Race which would have to be a powerful sorceror or spirit of the black Arts side in Norse Tradition/Satanism. It would be harder to find these people as nowadays it being a lost art, most of the people in that field are too soft and at best prefer to practice self-defense rather than having the more aggressive warrior like qualities.

good luck though…

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Ok. good luck with everything and i’ll leave it at that.