What have you found to be most beneficial to magick?

That is, what methods or techniques to magickal workings, or qualities or states of being, etc. have you found to be beneficial to magickal work?

I’ll give one thing I find to be beneficial (Although, perhaps not the most beneficial, but it is very helpful), particularly for the invocation of spirits, but also for magickal workings in general:

Become peaceful in mind. Being too excited, or fearful, or passionate, I find tends to hinder one from sensing spiritual phenomenon, and from obtaining intuition. Try to be peaceful in mind, and find enjoyment in the working you are performing, or with the spirit you are invoking.


Elegantly put, a calm center, to know where the tide drifts, so subtle, so easily missed.

May i also suggest shadow work, and a astral temple, the true use of our energy body


A quality or state of being:
A firm trust in your self that there is power in and around you to make change. That you can turn that power on to whatever good use you can think of in an instant.

There have been many times for me when rituals have been a bit wordy or time consuming, even those short rituals if I’m busy or too tired but with the concept of what I want in mind, I often only have to think the result and it comes through.
The state of being is that you are your own power.


Yichudim that align mind, body and soul proved to be really effective for me.

Programming my fingers to evoke an emotion at will during magical work

Alignment with the Hebrew Letters-> my GoM magick that often times lacked results was skyrocketed

Surrendering your body before you do magick work

Take the make up of your soul and let every part become the magic that you are doing

Get a mantra or word that you like and chant it so long that it repeats itself automatically in your mind-> I recommend Amen for obvious reasons because you want your magick to manifest

Swallowing your sigils or incantation to break a fast/ swallow the after image

Working from the point that connects to everything and affords nearly instantaneous results (Kabbalistic technique that is hinted in GoM´s DoM)


When alester Crowley said “enflame thyself in prayer prior to a working” he didn’t mean actually pray he meant psych yourself up and get those emotions flowing energy goes where emotions go


@Healing_Heart nailed it.

This is why many people compare casting a spell to having an orgasm, (and probably why sex Magick works).

For pg purposes sometimes instead I’ll compare it to “sneezing” it’s like all the energy is there and you manifest it. Or it just doesn’t happen.

Gotta see the world in vibrations, see what you want to accomplish and then move into embodying it.

Once I looked at Magick this way, (more feel less think), I literally skyrocketed my effectiveness :metal:.