What happens when you put blood on your own sigil?

What happens when you put blood on your own sigil?

If it’s your own sigil either nothing or recycling of energy. However, it could also be self worship, or evoking your energy body. It’s really intention based.


if someone put blood on my sigil does it give me energy?

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If they intend, yes.

I don’t think it would be all that different from when people offer blood/put blood on spirits sigils.

Not always, just putting blood on a sigil won’t do anything really. If they intentionally work with the sigil and send energy into it than that’s more likely to but just putting blood on it no.

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I’ve got blood on two of my sigils.
They’re from last year and I haven’t burnt them ever since and I wonder why I still keep them. I actually forgot for almost a year that I’ve got two sigils with my blood on it LOL

Nice reminder :wink:

Now when offering blood, I suppose the sigil has to be charged/open yes? Do you need to visualize the bloods essence/energy going into the sigil?

This is when offering blood to a deity/spirit not another human.

Not really, you can just bleed on it and meditate on it and state it as an offering to the entity who the sigil belongs to. Whether it gives them energy or not is kind of a random occurrence in my opinion because not all offerings give energy.


Hmm okay.

Can’t the magician just use their intention as so, like vampirically?