What happens when you invoke lucifer/demons in general?

For people that have invoked lucifer or specific demons what did you experience when you invoked them?
Does satanism involve partial or temporary possession as part of being a satanist? What is required form you to be a satanist, occultist or black magic pratictioner?
Do demons have psychic abilities/can they read your mind, know your intentions?

To be an occultist? To study or practice the occult, nothing is required to be a satanist or LHP.

Demons have varying abilities. Not all of them can do the same thing but they can and are learning just as we are.

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Okay. A few people that were a satanist have mentioned being possessed, and what they wanted to achieve happened but due to being possessed. Not everything I know about satanism or the occult is from watching YouTube videos, since I read about the occult, true crime that involves the occult.
The guy in charge of the church of satan or the temple of satan has one weird cloudy eye, so is he blind in one eye?
What are the pros/cons of being a satanist? From what I understand it can be helpful (lucifer has saved people from killing themselves, there is at one encounter that involved a demon saving someone’s life, but I have had negative things happen due to the intention of the person I was associated with as part of a relationship, so not sure if it was done on purpose) Depending on your sensitivity to energy, state of mind, how healthy you are in terms of your mind, body, spirit involvement with demons can be dangerous, or harmful but this is what I have experienced, maybe due to being involved with the wrong people. I am a bit naive and a bit too trusting of the wrong type of people, so it’s not always obvious that a person has evil intentions and wants to curse or harm you with demons sent to you.
Is it normal to attract like-minded people into your life when your depressed but feel drawn to the occult? It’s difficult to be spiritually and emotionally sensitive of your psychic and a empath, I attract a lot of weird, potentially dangerous or abusive People to me like a magnet.
It would be nice to be able to trust people about the occult, or to have friends that are witches that can give me advice about witchcraft in general. I know not everyone is the same or has nefarious intentions but I still don’t trust people fully.

What are the pros/cons of being a christian? A muslim? A member of any group?
The thing is, you either feel like you belong with them, like being a part of them helps you with your life, or you don’t. Simple as that to be honest. Lucifer has saved people, but so has Jordan Peterson.
Everything is possible. Being a satanist either suits your energy, or not.
It is a matter of personal preference.

Yes, that’s true. But not because Lucifer and other powerufl entities are just waiting to take advantage of you, but because when you are unhealthy and weak you may attract parasites, lesser beings who feed of you.

Well, some people really are like those parasites I mentioned. They sense your vulnerability and take advantage of it. They don’t even need demons for that, trust me.

If someone is abusive, I advice you to let them go. You may be empathetic and feel obligated to stay with them or help them, but you will not be able to change anything if you let people abuse you.



Whats required to be a satanist depends on the form of Satanism.

Traditional satanism as practiced by ONA, BO etc. require a certain mindset and determination.

LaVey satanism dont really require much. Just see yourself as the highest and Satan as a symbol for freedom.

218 require you to have the black flame in you.

My point is that there is no one answer to your questions. It depends on tradition.

I am psychic and a empath,so I feel like I naturally attract certain types of people that are drawn to my energy or aura. I not trying to put myself at risk or allowing people to be abusive to me, but people in general are emotionally manipulative, abusive, and verbally manipulative, abusive in other ways. I have low self-esteem and depression, anxiety and occasionally panic attacks. I’m curious if being a satanist could be helpful. The less I think about being/feeling depressed or banishing anything unwanted from my life, the better I feel.
I wasn’t implying that I think most people involved in the occult is the same, I don’t believe that but previous relationships I had, the guy is a satanist and they were abusive to me. They had “superficial charm” and they used it to manipulate me. I have no intention to offend anyone, I’m sorry if I did.
I’m doing my best to cut out anyone negative (a emotional or psychic vampire) or anyone toxic and abusive but I currently have no friends so I’m lonely.

So how do you know if you have the right type of energy to work with demons or if you have a black flame within you?
I understand there are many forms of satanism, or different paths to follow.

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No, you didn’t offend me. I can hardly be offended don’t worry.

Then this is what you gotta do. Work on that.

This is very good. If you work on your own problems, increase your health and change your energy from being depressed and anxious to being healthy and calm, you will naturally attract a different kind of people.

If you feel so drawn to satanism, why not try it, just for yourself. And see if it suits you.

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I have always felt drawn to the occult/paranormal or anything that is satanic, dark, creepy, morbid or disturbing. I’m just not sure which spiritual path is right for me, so I am currently doing research to fully understand better. A lot of things I like are dark, satanic, I love reading true crime about serial killers, some crime involves the occult or supposed ritualistic and satanic crimes involved delusional people, there are a few that seem genuine proof of the supernatural though.

I partly asked about what would happen if you invoke lucifer or demons in general because I wanted to know: what would go wrong if you don’t correctly invoke them if there would be negative consequences as a result. Do most spiritual paths require you to have a certain vibrational energy or spiritual advances to be connected to your higher self for example?
I feel like people will get fed up with my ignorance, or that I ask a lot of questions, I don’t mean to repeat myself either.

Someone told me via email that they had a disagreement with satan, so they were sick for 6 months and could have died. Their involved with the website callsatan.com

I’ve seen bad things happen to those who invoke, but that was because they were weak and when that happens they tend to keep them in a room away from others. Or the person attacked someone they are protecting. Just kind of depends.

Okay, fair enough.

Look it’s all good…

Just try to work towards centering yourself and grounding…

Balance… Is crucial part to keep everything in check…

That being said… You control your own path… You make the choices…
You learn the lessons…

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What happens to me may be different than the next person, but I can tell you that each demon has its own energy signature that is similar yet recognizable compared to other demons. When I invoke Marbas for instance, you know you have made contact by his energy, you “feel” him, but say the energy of one of the demon kings is much more intense. And possession occurs when it is allowed, I myself do not allow possession. It’s not something that happens without the sorcerers consent. If I were to describe president Marbas’s energy, it is very strong but also warm and not overwhelming. They do know your thoughts, as they are telepathic and can communicate this way. It has been rare for me to “see” them even partially, and have never had a full manifestation, but you do know when they are there. It is unmistakable. Hope that helps.

Diffrent traditions. Not paths.

There is nothing universal. A LaVey satanist is an atheist wich uses satan as a psychological archetype. To be a traditional satanist as ONA et al defines it, you have to be fanatical and dedicated. The black flame is something you either have or you dont. There is Im told certain things that you gravitate towards.
The reality is that your energy dont matter unless you are also devoted with your mind and body.

This would depend on wich tradition your working with. Your energy wont help you if you dont have the determination and drive.