What happens when you forget the entities that helped you?

EDIT: Read my story and imagine what could happen if you broke a real pact.

So I’m not cursing people everyday or even performing formal evocations with definite goals that often. Demonolatry is more my style, so I have been interacting with Demons as my mentors and promising to follow any good advice and exercises they give me.

When things go well in life, sometimes we get comfortable. Comfort in this case, is me forgetting about my relationship with a particular Divine Entity who helped smooth out an area of my life.

The other day, my neck and hands started hurting. I felt ‘off’. Felt a bit down and it took a few hours to realize what the problem was.

I forgot to share my success with the ones that helped me! I forgot to say “thank you”. I forgot to let them know that “it” worked and that it was in part because of the advice and guidance I received.

The moment I acknowledged that I made a mistake, the pains went away and my body was overcome with a wave of comfort.

Nobody was trying to hurt me. I was just given a sign that I couldn’t ignore.

“Yo dude! You forgot something!”

Care for your relationships like a decent gardener would tend to her crop.

That’s my story.


Do you know what could happen if someone breaks a real pact?

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It completely depends on the spirit. They could destroy your life, or they could tell all their friends never to work with you because you can’t be trusted to keep your word.


Yes. I have had similar experiences to the OP myself. Sometimes I realize "hey, I have not said a personal thank you to ‘x’ in a while, and when I do things seem to feel good afterwards.


That’s why I have taken to using the Law of Attraction practice of “pre-paving” in the morning upon awakening. I send out a heartfelt thank you to the Eternal Source, my Godself, ancestors, and all the spirits that help and guide me, just so I don’t forget to appreciate all the forces conspiring for my Ascent.

It really seems to help my day to go smoothly.


Oh definitely.

I do something a lot like that a few days a week, the Rite of Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. It really does make a difference.


Very good practice!

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sometimes the kick you in the head, other times they do nothing. depends on the spirit.

but make no mistake. once you evoke a spirit they are with you forever. even violating the laws of time and going back through time to be in your presence.



spirits that have helped me so far

Enki Shiva Kali Ganesha Azazel Belial Ma’at Astaroth Kuan Yin Yama Quetzalcoatl Valak Lucifuge Agares… yeah its hard keeping track of all their names and different aspects hope I don’t ever forget them…

like what qualifies as breaking a pact I have made pacts with both Satan and Azazel so that my soul enters their realm when I die and to make sure they are always with me…does gaining a new religion or something count as breaking the pact or let’s say I stop believing in all of this and go back to secular atheism what would happen…

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