What happens when you Ascend ( into hell of course lol )

well ive been on a roll lately brainstorming,shedding the skin of weakness as belial said :slight_smile: and besides my first question another one came right after i had posted the first. now my question is when taking up the path of darkness and choosing to ascend into a demon/infernal god or king or whatever what happens? do you at the moment of your vibration raising burst into flames and forcefully astral project to the infernal empire? is there some sort of ceremony where the demonic kings welcome you and you then begin to your part? any ideas or opinions im going to ask belial soon but just thought id post it here to here some opinions. :slight_smile: also do you control how you look its a silly question i know lol but in my head i know exactly how i want to appear but im not sure if thats how it works.

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Okay serious answer - do the work and stop asking for theoretical stuff, you’ll know when a lot of this stuff starts happening, frequently, that you’re beginning to enter a different relationship with “reality”… I mean surely, the stuff you started this work wanting to be able to do is the answer - “When I can do X, Y or Z”? :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: and i cant help asking them.

Are you absolutely sure you’ve been getting anywhere in your ascension?

At this point in your journey, a person who has gotten anywhere would have already experienced the answer to your questions. According to your accounts, Belial, Lucifer, et al each supposedly took you under their wings on separate occasions, gave you the title of “Emperor” and granted you access into their kingdoms. Yet you’ve been asking some really elementary questions - many of which can be Googled - stuff that the demons would have already told you if you have truly been in contact with them. Who gives familiars? What are their sigils? Who is King Paimon? What did Azazel do that got him bound by Raphael? What will this or that demon do, how will he behave, what’s their kingdom like? How strong are they? It’s like you’re still asking about entities that you’ve yet to meet, in realms that you have yet to enter. How do you spell Martal’s name? That one you never asked, yet despite being told twice that it’s Martal, not Martel, you still spell his name wrong, which makes me wonder if you ever called the right entity. Before you waste any more time or start another thread, the question you should really be asking is this - and ask it of yourself, as difficult as it can be for any of us magicians to ask ourselves: has this all been real, or just your imagination, roleplay, or mental masturbation?

Now to state the obvious: If it’s all been imagined, then asking people to describe their experience is just going to keep you stuck. Without real contact with the demons, your imagination will attempt to craft a false experience based on other people’s experiences.

Lady Eva, a mod of this forum, and most definitely not a beginner occultist by any stretch, has very kindly given you the answer in no uncertain terms: do the work. Listen to her advice on behalf of all of us, because it’s the quintessential advice for anyone in your situation, and people don’t want to have to repeat themselves. Depending too much on theoretical discussions, without work, runs you the risk of becoming an armchair magician. The price of ascending to demon emperorship, like you want, is the work.

Here’s some more hard but necessary information: Many want what you want, but only the ones who work for it will acquire it, which is why the chances are so globally and temporally slim. Starting these threads isn’t going to get you the short cut that you want. It’s low-quality, people have their own ascensions to work for, and we dislike doing your work for you. Nor do we enjoy participating or enabling in your being stuck. Ascension is work. We all have work to do. Doing the work is the solution.

You’re going to have to help it if you’re serious about ascension. It sucks, but that’s how it is if you truly, absolutely, want to become a demon emperor. “Can’t help it” is a belief unbefitting a demon emperor. Remember: a demon emperor is able to help himself.

I applaud you, Salpinx, for being so much more courteous and well-spoken than I feel reading this. I’d
I had had about enough, and was probably in danger of ranting about eugenics or something.

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Well when spoken like that it kinda makes me wonder if it all has been illusion or mental masterbation or some other foul tool of the mind. i ask those questions because i have to hear someones take/opinion on anything magickal the reason why because the more i ask the more you all answer the questions the more i try to find similarities in what happened to me during my experience and what happened during yours just to prove to myself im not crazy. the rapheal azazel thing i didnt look on the internet for it because being unaware that the truthful version would be there i asked here would i have found what i was looking for the question would have never been asked. the martal thing is autocorrect and me being to lazy to change it .

You have the upper and lower world and middle world. If you want to Christianize it…call it heaven, hell and Earth. However… In terms of OUTER SPACE, if an Angel were to pass through earth through one end and exit the other to thence fly off into space… This puts on a new meaning of what is Up/down as a matter of perception in relation to Total Space. One can just basically skip all that and just simply say “Existence” ir at least make a referrence to Time which may be infinitely more useful.

It is only Hell by your definition if you want it to be. For me personally, I denounce everyone elses beliefs because I am only interested in manifesting my beliefs and not anyone elses demusions christians/pagans/or athiests or whatever. So for me, I am both constantly Ascendjng and Descending and Evolving a manifesting paradise of my own choosing. Perfecting my own Utopia. This is a Belial Principle.

A sorcerer’s freedom comes from not being stuck in a rut. Hell realms are the biggest ruts of all. There was a time when I could have enjoyed locked in an eternal struggle of tearing everything that moves apart before it gets you with constant regeneration (that’s what mine was), but that was my attachments talking.

Doesn’t really hurt to check it out, see what it’s like so you can better call on it’s attributes. I wouldn’t really consider it a level of ascension. More of a side effect of being indulgent with the ferocity of a sorcerer, and least in my case.