What happens when someone damages King Belial's property

My Narc Mother is a chronic boundary crosser like many personality disordered Narcs are.
I don’t want to share personal details, but my mother gained entrance into my apartment (which I know is illegal and taking action on) by convincing the super to allow her inside. She took this opportunity to splash water ( probably from his glass of water) onto a drawing on his altar that I personally created and dedicated to him. I’m wondering what if any action will a spirit take when their space and property are violated and damaged in this manner? I have explained to him what happened and apologized.


I guess I don’t the answer so I’m curious to see what others say, but my gut says nothing.

Spirits can’t really hold you accountable, or at least unreasonably so for something a person who is not you did.

I guess some might, but most of my encounters spirits were pretty understanding of circumstances.

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I’m sure nothing bad will happen to you, especially since you didn’t intend for this to happen.

If anything were to happen, it would be towards your mother.


I’ve had similar problems with my Narc mother. I agree with everyone else I doubt King Belial would do anything to you considering the circumstances. If anything he might knock your mother down a couple of pegs though.
I have a very good suspicion he knocked my narc mother down a couple of pegs a while back for similar narc behaviors. She a lot quieter now days about her options on me and my room seems a lot less disturbed when I return home. :wink:


That’s all that was needed as far as you’re concerned. You didn’t do anything wrong, this is all on your mother. Belial understands, but I agree, he might humble your mom for doing this.


Thank you, =D I was hesitating whether to even make this post, and glad I did knowing it can also help others with similar issues as mine.

Thank you =D I hope he does punish her, not only did she violate his special altar space but violated me. Maybe a reprimand from him will finally stop her for good from doing this to me and others.

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Thank you =D I wish no one else had to deal with these monsters, but can’t deny it gives me some relief knowing I’m not alone in experiencing this. I hope he knocks her down real hard because no one has been able to stop her all these years.

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Thank you =D I have bought him a first bottle of wine because of this, he seemed very happy with it and even helped me choose it. I hope it’s a humbling she’ll never forget. And glad the apology and explanation was all that was needed. Thank you for the reassurance!