What happens mundane people's souls after they commit suicide

I don’t know what happens in "after life " but I have heard that people who have no experience in soul travel becomes a Poltergeist or something after they Suicide that has no peace even after death , is that true , if not please tell me what happens

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Im actually curious about this myself

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This has been asked many times. Please use the search function.


No one truly knows

They can get peace but it’s still not an easy path to walk. There souls aren’t destroyed, they dont become a poltergeist, help is available to them upon passing if they want it, if they choose to keept suffering not much can be done.
Suicidal souls aren’t abandoned in my experience.

I think at this time. there are 100000’s or more who’s curious about suicide cuz of economic damage from pandemic.


noctis, do you speak from actual gnosis?

can one truly commit suicide and find peace in the afterlife?

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In the afterlife you still have to work to find peace just like here on earth, but help is available when they’re ready.
Yes I speak from actual gnosis, its personal and I don’t really want to get into it, but souls are not abandoned for suicide.
When souls are going through that much pain and suffering they aren’t shoved to the side and ignored.


would it be ok to share with me deeper in pm?

So they still suffer in the after life as well ??

What do they have to do ?

depends on their faith.

Wow isn’t this just convenient

So lemme get this right. Umm who actually helps people on there and how does one work to attain the peace

Santa Muerte or any other Death God/Goddess and gatekeeper of death

Psychopomp entities such as different deities, angels, some demons, etc.

Gods of Death, judeo angels who are also psychopomps, demons who follow a psychopomp deity or entity such as the different angels, demons, humans, etc in service to Azrael, Thanatos, etc.

Peace can be through many means, be it the respective pantheon’s “heaven” ,reincarnation, or like some who believe they go to oblivion after death.

Velenos do you know if one has ever commited suicide and ended up in heaven, the usual story is that person ends up in hell, but even if you go there you will not be in pain I think

The pantheon itself doesn’t follow the religion formed around it, but during my psychopomp work I have met spirits that have died due to suicide and I have seen some taken to the heaven of that pantheon but they did have to be cleansed but I think that’s a normal process for that pantheon.

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I find the idea that one who commits suicide and ends up suffering more to be a little correct but highly annoying too

I don’t really follow it personally, how a person dies be it at their own hands, the hands of another, or natural causes all end the same way(s) to me.