What happens if my curse is reversed

This just crossed my mind and want to have your views. Say i curse my enemy with the help of a spirit and he manages to reverse it, will i suffer some consequences due to my actions or it will be blocked by the spirit. And also will he know if i was the one who sent the curse? Thanks

An answer to your questions depends about how capable your enemy is. If she/he has more knowledge than you, yes, you mind end up in trouble …


If your opponent reverses a curse you set upon him, usually that means the curse will come back on you. The spirit you used won’t prevent that from happening because the strongest will wins, but that is the only real consequence for your action and is the chance you take when you go around throwing curses at people. It has nothing to do with the concept of karma and everything to do with how strong your opponent is compared to you. If you punch him in the face, expect him to punch you back. That is how consequences work. There is always someone stronger.

There are defensive spells that will break a curse but not reverse it upon the sender. It all depends on whether your opponent is vindictive or not and what kind of defenses he has. It is very possible to trace a curse to its sender however, it just depends on whether or not you are worth your opponent’s time. If you are not in his league, and very lucky, he might just laugh it off. If not, you are the one that will end up dealing with the curse, or worse.


Thanks for the answer!

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Did you think to protect yourself or deflect the curse so it’s not traceable? Also better to break than to send a curse back.


@HermesHorse I never thought of that but i think it’s a good idea. Can a servitor be strong enough to protect and deflect against curses? Thanks

Look up personal protection, cloaking, firey wall of protection oil, banishing, and the use of mirrors, shards, glitter, and reflective surfaces whilst casting. the more obfuscation you place the better.

I’ve not tried this as my rituals involve objects and creation and the servitors are not capable of interaction with physical things (well mine aren’t) so I guess you could use a servitor to proxy a ritual BUT you would have to be super specific and tell it exactly what, where, when, how etc.

Construct a flowchart if necessary for the thing to follow.

Mine are a bit like me - not gifted brainwise…

In my case I really don’t worry about someone sending something back because if I do something it’s justified anger. It’s getting someone to hand themselves in to Police for running over my friend and giving him a brain injury. It’s not petty playground spats, or annoying neighbours.