What happens if multiple magicians evoke the same spirit at the same time?

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Given the ritual coming up on Sunday, it’s clear that many magicians involved will be evoking spirits to help them, naturally. However, I thought of an interesting point, what would happen if multiple magicians (in different places) evoked the same spirit? So for example, I plan on evoking Bael and Belial and Lady Eva’s newly found spirit Cozhier, what would happen if another magician called the same spirits at the same time? This calls into question the nature of spirits, “every moment you consider me I come into being” -Azazel, would we just evoke different aspects of the spirit corresponding to our inner intent? Or would you say -as spirits or entities are more currents of power or energy, we would evoke a different part of that energy?

Most don’t adhere to human space-time so it’s entirely possible for them to be present at multiple “places” and “at once”.

This is one reason why I believe these things to be an aspect of the self. Although that sounds a bit dry for most people’s taste on here I think everyone getting together and willing something into fruition is a beautiful thing. You don’t need Bael or whoever to do this. It all starts with self…

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Have you noticed that major religions LOVE to organise synchronised days of worship, even down to the hour? The spirits who have set themselves up with full-on cults are basically being summoned (depending on the form of worship and personal beliefs of the devotte, that’s anywhere in the fields of internal invocation, and evocation to a specific location) and they like to have it done within a tight timeframe.

(They also like to claim a piece of territory for themselves, or a specific image, and then get that image replicated as widely as possible, and to dominate the visible world with buildings devoted to them. But that’s a slightly different topic, only mentioning it because it goes to the issue of attention and having people being made aware of them as much as possible, at once - so it indicates they don’t have any problem handling simultaneous calls on their attention.)

This system of setting up a specific day where their people summon them would appear to suggest that, whether they’re in some way a function of our minds (my old man’s belief - NOT mine) or whether they exist objectively seperate from us, and regardless of the possibility that they exist in a different relationship to space and time than we do (which I proposed as a possibility here), being called upon by several people at the same time is something they actively want.

Group workings and evocations I’ve been part of, dating back to my white light days, are always VERY heavy, very powerful, you can really feel the presence of the spirit.

If we’re all (my theory) thoughts held in the Mind of the All, and we all simultaneously hold a thought ourselves, we give it much greater heft and power to act within this world - I mean, to take a weird example, I have my Cabinet of Invisible Counselors and that’s been cool, but the fictional character Mark Watney, who’s held in the minds of tens of millions of people from the book and then movie The Martian, seems to have a lot more presence and agency than many of the others.

I believe, because he’s been held in so many minds, and for most people, with affection and even some degree of concern (for his fictional predicament) which is one heck of a mass of energy for any spirit to feast upon. (I’m working on the theogenesis of Watney, and will possibly come back to this in the near future.)

So, other spirits who are real (as in, their attributes were established before your birth and existed in the manifest world without your observation - and were not created in the mind of one man) probably get more of a boost, the more minds they have focusing upon them at once.

The fundie Xians are therefore probably technically correct that ANy fiction featuring demons (and also, non-Xian gods, who they just comnsider to be demons anyway) IS bringing them forth just a little more, each time.

Which I think is cool! :wink:

Either way, I would never be concerned that a spirit is kind of like a distracted mum multi-tasking with less attention the more they;re called - I would say, based on the fact that they LOVE to be publicly thanked, names, have their seals inscribed in metal etc - and based on the curious case of Mr Watney - that the more people think about them, evenm in the same moment (in our perception of time) the more power they can bring.

A MASS evocation by a group of people, of a single specific spirit with a single intent, at the same moment (simultaneous, not adjusted for time zones) would probably be pretty mind-blowing, I think we’re a ways from organising something like that, but the potential intrigues me.

Do big celebrities get something tangible from all that attention focused their way? I’ve often wondered.

If so, probably something similar for the “cool” demons.

Actually… I’m not saying I’m a celebrity, but I do king of specialize in focused attention and novelty. Sometimes I can get it right and leave an impact, and I think there is something I feed off of.

My epic “nature of dream control” thread on DV was largely just me posting for much of it, but the view count kept rising so I kept going. I certainly harnessed all that attention to make something lasting.