What happens after death? Opinions?

What’s your opinion/beliefs about what happens when we, in this spiritual journey, die?

  • do you believe in hell? Do you believe it exists, but differently than how the bible describes?

I was raised Baptist, but never truly believed in hell, nor that Lucifer/demons were bad. I do not believe hell exists because it is my belief that people act “evil/immoral” based on either mental illness, trauma, or bad environments growing up. Yes, people make their own choices, but I still never believed in hell.

Since I’m new to this path (just under a year), I’ve heard some theories, but not many.
** What are your beliefs about what happens when we die?

I believe in Heaven and Hell, but I don’t believe in the biblical sense of it.
Instead, I believe we reincarnate, and that if we sin, we will create Hell on Earth, and if we live in virtue, we will create Heaven on Earth.

It is like a cruel joke, a masterstroke, but one that evades most people who much rather want to dream about separate realms.

I don’t see why, Earth is beautiful and people can be truly wonderful, just as the world can be cruel and unforgiving.

That is why War is such an important part of my mentality, because if I can foster a path based on war based magick, then maybe I help alter the state we exist in on Earth.


I believe what happens after death is either you reincarnate somewhere, here, another plane (astral excluded) however, if you follow the egyptian pantheon, greek, celtic, etc. Then you give them sway on the outcome of your afterlife.

So if you believe in karma, your next life is determined by the actions of your current life, if you follow the Aztec pantheon, then prepare to walk the many many layers of their underworld, per example. I believe hell is just the infernal nation the infernal pantheon, heaven being the judeo pantheon, but other pantheons have their own “heavens” as well.

I was raised christian baptist and rejected my religion at 10 but started practicing this stuff at 8.


Oh, and I believe Karma to be the cause and effect of our actions, where some actions will inevitable lead to either desirable (good) or undesirable (evil) outcomes.

I’ve thought this theory. That maybe I’m living a version of hell from a past life lol

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What happens after death? I don’t know :man_shrugging:

I’ll tell you after Death has claimed me. However, it will be a while 'cause I ain’t going quietly without a fight.


I’ve been an atheist for most of my life. And I still am, to a certain degree (don’t ask what degree, I don’t know that).

So, I’ve just always believed that after death, there is the same that before life.

Now… I’m not sure. I’ve been reading here the possibility of escape from this mortal coil and even making an afterlife of our own. I want to keep researching that. And see what I found. BUT… I’m too much of newbie to even think too much aboit it. So that’s Future!Me problem.

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Well, assuming you didn’t achieve Apotheosis or Henosis:

Your spirit goes to the underworld, where everything that makes it individual like memories, opinions, ideas, etc. are gradually lost as you wander. After you’ve completely lost all individuality, you become part of the cycle called the transmigration of souls. Your soul is then dismantled into the smallest possible proportions, and mixed with all those who didn’t achieve Apotheosis or Henosis. You are then born into another body, with a soul made up of all those that were failures so as to try again.

Good luck.

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I think after death you’re going back to where you came from, whatever that may be.


I’ve heard something similar to this. It’s an interesting theory. I honestly haven’t done much research on this topic, which I guess could be considered dumb-- since I totally switched spiritual paths.

Both of my parents have passed away; one when I was 16, and one currently, I’m 25 and they passed in January 2019. I witnessed both of them talking to past loved ones, talking about seeing ‘the light’, angel figures etc. And, I’ve always been able to sense energy, so leading up to their death and after, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and optimism.

So, I’m just trying to see other peoples opinions for when I do research of my own, and to learn.

I don’t know. I guess I will figure it out one day. If I’m still around to answer this question though something went wrong.

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yeah, obviously no one actually knows-- I’m just trying to learn different perspectives

Good luck with your learning man. I would look into this thread to learn more about Greek Mythology:


Indeed… according to some spiritual point of views, a dead being would dissolve returning to the various “original” principles from whence it came.
The situation is progressively different according to how much one advanced on the Path, or for example people devoting themselves to a cause: some detachment from the body (this approach isn’t used always, e.g. the body is important in Tantrism) and an inner unity is realized.

When I was near death it felt calming and I would have been ready to go if I didn’t have little boys who depended on me.

But I think when a person dies they can go into the white light to be reborn, and wait in a purgatory (for lack of a better word) that mimics where they feel they should have ended up.

Or if they have guardians they go with them and after that they go home.

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Personally I Believe in reincarnation
here is a post I replied on this subject a while ago.

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You’ll be buried…
Other things are only speculations…

I was raised to believe in reincarnation…until the lessons your soul needs to be learnt have been completed…

I believe in different astro plains and the incredible hidden possibilities that we can experience when our soul no longer needs to be reincarnated back on to the earthly plain…

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What happens? Probably nothing whatsoever. Unless the source decides to reboot you, as yourself or somebody / something else.

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That seems to make the most sense to me as well.
I’ve always wondered if anyone has ever asked an entity/demon what happens after humans die, and I wonder if they’ve ever answered :joy: I guess that seems silly, but I’ve been curious about that for years.

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