What happened to me?

Shortly after doing some petition spells to Belial, Dantalion, Sallos, and Oriax, I had a rather strange experience that I still cant really make sense of. I was sleeping in bed, it was early morning, something had awoken me and I was gonna go back to sleep. Suddenly I was overcome with incredibly intense vibrations, while this is happening I see two blue outlines of eyes form and it felt like whatever it was, was looking right back at me(my eyes were closed during all this) it was so unexpected that I snapped myself out of it before any more could come of it. I feel like it may have been one of the demons I was trying to contact, hence the intense feeling of energy, I’m still a beginner and I cant figure out which of them it may have been, could anyone give some insight as to what the hell happened to me?


Prob. just a test :wink:

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:rofl: lol! You might as well get used to it! They do this each time you make contact with someone new? It’s like a meet and greet I guess!