What happened to Dante?

Does anyone know what happened to Dante Abiel? His website is gone, he hasn’t been active or posted on this forum in years, and he left BALG. Is he still writing? Does anyone know where he went?

Maybe the illuminati and reptillians got him. Sorry I dont know.

The last person who posted on here as knowing him/having spoken to him was in this thread:

His real name is Andrew Pike, if you combine that with “dante abiel” you should be able to find him on social media.

Hey at least we know he accepts tgat his ways are different and doesnt play the hate game

I obviously don’t know Dante’s reasons. But based on his pod casts on E.A.'s youtube channel, he seems to believe that he can communicate with the dead. E.A. does not seem to believe that there is any such thing as a conscious “life after death” (or at least not any as far as he can tell). If that was not the “deal breaker”, it certainly couldn’t have helped things.

As far as I know, E.A. himself has practiced necromancy, and fully supported Dante’s magic.

In his ebook, E.A. mentions believing that we reincarnate, while our spirits leave the shade behind. However, since he’s gotten into Norse magic his views of the afterlife may have shifted. Either way, as far as I know, E.A. was cool with the dead.