What happened in the Age of Pisces

Part 1

Hello guys I want to share some knowledge with you regarding the Age of Aquarius
But first I will explain what happened in the Age of Pisces,

  1. why Jehovah, the SUN , Jesus (JUPITER) and the Holy Spirit (Moon) rose and became the Masters in the Age of Pisces

  2. Why Venus(Lucifer), Satan( Saturn) and Mercury were demonized

Okay let’s start!
Pisces is the last zodiac sign, it is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac and it is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune but I will only talk of Jupiter. Pisces is freedom, truth, benevolence there is no restriction, spiritual bliss, some considered it as Heaven.
Every planet do better in Pisces, even Mercury who is said to be debilitated. Mercury in pisces will only give troubles in personal life but good in professional and spiritual life.

The opposite energy of Pisces is Virgo, sign ruled by Mercury.

Virgo was considered as the zodiac sign of the common people, slaves, healers and servants, as it makes you work without ego because their Leo (ego) is in 12th house of loss and it makes you do repetitive tasks everyday.

When the age of Pisces started Jupiter became very strong and he was right opposed to Virgo. Jupiter’ task was to free everybody from mental, spiritual and physical slavery by teaching humanity truth, benevolence, kindness.

Jupiter asked his best friends Sun, Moon and Mars to help him achieve his goals. First Jupiter himself incarnated in Jesus to teach better mankind and he sacrificed himself, he offered his energy to this world so that it can be easily accessed in the universal Subconscious. That was the beginning of his working. For Jupiter to incarnate as Jesus, he asked permission to SUN, the true God within us, to incarnate on earth

After Jesus sacrifice,
Moon (the mind) helped Jupiter by downloading Jupiter’s teaching in our subconscious in each and every generation that will incarnate on earth. Jesus’ disciples called it the Holy Spirit. Moon made them speak different languages and understand better the teachings.

Mars is the soldier, the General of the Army of Sun. He protects what Jupiter did, even if it meant spreading blood to make people subdue.

all of these events were preparing the real work of Jupiter. Remember I said Jupiter wanted us to be free!

During the age of Pisces the main keys was , abolishment of Slavery, creation of electricity :zap:, industries and creation of modern countries!

Let’s see what Sun, mars and moon represent in our material world

Sun is the light, the king of the solar system, it represents kings, government, president, CEO etc and also orignal knowledge, ancient books like the Bible, Curan etc…

Moon: the mind, mother, environment, home, country

Mars: willpower, soldier, army, general, blood engineer ( coming from engine- engine works only with power, thus Mars)

Sun the light and Mars the engineer gave the knowledge of creating light, electricity.

Sun+ mars+ Moon gave electricity to homes, family and countries

Sun- Mars and moon creates borders thus Strong countries with kings and later gouvernement to rule and a strong Army to protect it. All of these made stability and created modern countries.
Sun and Mars helped also with Industries, weapons, fire guns, bombs etc.

And the final project of Jupiter succeeded when Slavery was officially abolished

The creation of electricity, countries, industries contributed to the freedom of humanity, People were no longer at the mercy of someone else.

humans could now be in charge of their own destiny and made it difficult for a group of people to enslave others because they could now defend themselves. Countries have now powerful armies and weapons to protect themselves and within countries there is law to protect citizens.

That was the work of Jupiter.

Part 2.

I will explain first how Venus reacted to Jupiter being in charge in the Age of Pisces by being Lucifer, and later explain what will happen in the Age of Aquarius. I will create another Topic



Wauww! This is your own intervention i mean theoratical seen its soo logic and so accurate. Never seen and readed this way on the astrolocial field . Would love to read more. Hope you will soon…