What Goddess Lilith has done for me so far

I know that I have a relationship with Goddess Lilith but She still hasn’t appeared to me yet. I know one thing about me is I am very impatient which is a downfall. I think maybe She is trying to teach me to be more patient. I now kinda see when you talk about how she will make you face yourself and teach you life lessons. She showed me that my whole world could collapse if I kept doing what I was doing and it scared the heck outta me but it made me wake the hell up. I’m so thankful for that. Also, I have noticed a change in me on the inside. It’s like I’m not so shy anymore. I walk around feeling more confident and not so damn timid. It’s crazy but it’s true. It’s like She turned on a switch on the inside of me. I’m truly thankful to Her for this. I didn’t ask her for anything, it’s like she knows my heart and wanted to help me. :slightly_smiling_face: