What Feeling?

When doing evocation

im told when your chanting the spirits name you should feel some thing indicating its there what does that feel like?

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So I’ll share what my experience is.

There are two instances. One is when working with a new spirit and the other is when evoking someone you have a good relationship with.

  1. New Spirit - I highly recommend a good and bulletproof Preparatory immersion. I usually do this by researching the Spirit and seeing what they like or don’t like. What they’re like. However take all this with a grain of salt. Because everyone has their own experiences and you will have your own. Second is I medtate on their enn for a minimum of 45 mins everyday for a week. This helps me make a connection. I usually get tingly, they start coming to me in my dreams. You get a feeling of what they feel like. Same as how you would get with humans.

Then during the evocation, when everything is set. With many spirits I already feel someone watching me, feel something from the corner of my eye. Then when I start to chant the enn. I get tingly all over, recently this has progressed to a strong pressure on my third eye and tingly and pressure in my ears. So I keep going. This progresses to a feeling of a blanket that descends or a “wall” that is around you, but the wall isn’t a solid wall, a wall of “spirits”. It’s a strong irrefutable presence. Each spirit has a different energy. Initially they all felt the same, but as you evoke more, you can gradually tell the difference. This is what it feels like. Atleast to me.

  1. Spirits you’ve worked with - With these, you’ll feel them there much stronger even before you start. I’ve been working with Duke Dantalion for a while now and last Friday when I evoked him during the eclipse. I didn’t even get through one Enn repetition and he was there. I felt it very strongly.

I would evoke often, very often. Mainly to learn and develop your clairs. Check out this following post by @Mike_Bee down in the top 10 posts or so he talks about working on your clairs with Demons, I’m currently doing it and it’s helping me a lot. I highly recommend it.

I also used the following process by Lady Eva, about Belial’s Gateway Symbols. I’ve had great success with that as well.


great thank you.


I missed this

you feel a pressure in your forehead right before the blanket of energy?


Yes I do, in the centre, where the third eye is.


ok so the blanket of energy falls after third eye pressure ?
i think im close.


Third eye pressure starts soon after chanting the enn, then when the sigil opens the energy comes through. It’s not the same for everyone. But yes this is what my experience is like.