What entity can I call for healing?

Hey guys,

Ive been feeling a bit depressed lately. My heart is having a few issues. It has been going on for 3 years now and im taking heart medication ever since but apparently it only makes everything worse. I have shortness of breath almost 24/7, my body hurts, my heart wont stop racing most of the time and it hurts from time to time. Ive been eating healthy alot now. I just dont know what to do anymore. I feel like im dying and my body is shutting down. I wanna live!


Archangel Raphael


Marbas as well


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To your question, which I understand is very important, this is quick and easy, and very powerful:

If you don’t want to work with an angel at all, try this:

Onbviously, see a doctor or seek other qualified medical advice; it might be a good idea to check there are no problems with electrolytes, panic attacks, over-use of caffeine, or salt, etc., causing this problem. Try searching online for information on these things, remember to read a few different viewpoints and don;t just jump into the first advice you find! :+1:

If you can find some kind of activity you find relaxing, whether it’s watching travel videos or ASMR on YouTube, something you can feel makes the tension relax from your body, that should help and is unlikely to do any harm.

Do you have books? I mean paper, not on your phone. A good book can help calm your system down.


Thanks alot🙏🏽 Yes i went to the doctor a few hours ago and got perscribed some magnesium pills for my heart. This „issue“ has been going on for 3 years now and Ive been on medication ever since, but like a week ago it really started to get out of hand. Today the doctor also told me to stop using my old medication and to do sports so yea.
I will try those Mantras👍🏽 do you have any tips on contacting raphael? Or is doing the Mantra enough


You just have to call him and ask him for help! Just focus on him and he will show up! You can use his seals and sigils too!
I have lots of issues with my body that he is helping me with! And what I do is asking him to charge my daily water! I have this seal on my coaster and I place whatever i am drinking on it! The water taste better if I leave it overnight!



raphael or marbas for physical or emotional or really any enity for just emotional


I’d recommend President Marbas (very popular choice when it comes to health) and President Buer.
But I also personally recommend King Vine

“He can program the aura to protect one’s prana from psychic vampyres and alchemically alter the heart chakra in a way that it improves physical health. He can improve the physical fitness of the sorcerer.”


Yea I asked him multiple times but… yea im still suffering. I also drawed his sigil
Do you have any tips?

Exactly what I was going to post. And don’t be scared to OD on magnesium, at least for the first few days.



yea im scared to overdose on them too
what can happen?

It would take you so much time and money to attempt a magnesium overdose, plus there’s no guarantee that you would suffer any adverse physical symptoms and I’m talking taking powdered magnesium by the multiple spoons full and drinking it down with milk of magnesia.

For the first few days, overdose by double suggested amount, then one and a half times, then suggested dose. Avoid anything with magnesium oxide in it unless you’re constipated.



Okay thank u :pray:t4: