What else besides the third eye?

Are all astral senses and spirit communication abilities related to the third eye only ? is there anything else that we can focus on for gaining such abilities ?

Just anything like feeling energy or hearing spirits and better directing it

I’m already doing all this but I want more abilities and I want the ones I already have to become more solid

There are so many exercises for opening the third eye but like I said are there any other chakras or energy centers we can work on ?


The Anahata, and the Muladhara.


I just looked them up on google

The heart chakra and root chakra ? what do they do in terms of psychic abilities ?

The Muladhara is the doorway to your perception. It provides the base for everything else. Without developing it, all of the upper chakras have no anchor. People who only focus on the upper without the lower end up spacey, and disconnected from the world which is very detrimental to true spiritual progress.

Among the abilities/siddhs said to be obtained by fully developing it are: the ability to jump like a frog, knowledge of the past, present and future, and control of the Earth element.

There was a challenge a few years ago here on the forum for chanting the Bija mantras connected to the chakras for a certain number of repetitions each day. One person who chanted the Bija for the Muladhara for 30 days said he developed crystal clear clairaudience.

Development of the Anahata leads to: the ability to leave the body at will, control the senses/perceptions of others, and the ability to psychically heal. It is also the connection to the Higher Self or Godself.


Got it thank you @DarkestKnight

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i cant wait to try that!

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Thank you for sharing, this is something I will definitely do!

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Do you happen to remember how many reps he did per day?

The traditional number is 108 repetitions, but I just found the old thread and Orisman (the former member I mentioned that developed clairaudience) did 2000 per day.


Thanks. That would be the traditional number of beads on a buddhist mala actually. Most I’ve done in a retreat was 16, though those mantra were way longer … I guess I’ll try 10 mala a day for a month or so and see what happens :sweat_smile:


(Minus the last part of that video, you know I love you DarkestKnight)

OP, you don’t really even have to utilize the chakras. I’ve had full blown audio/visual from the middle pillar.

I suspect it’s not so much the number of reps, as much as it is the quality time you spend really plugging yourself into the experience.

Once you can reliably engage as many of your senses as possible in your energy based work, the doors of perception really start to kick open.


I didn’t know you were still around, my friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I check in from time to time :grin:

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Could you tell your experience in this retreat? What were the effects you felt when reciting 16 malas?

16 malas a day for a three day weekend, actually. That was like 8 years ago and I used the longer Fudo Myoo mantra. Nothing all that different from doing 2 a day, just got a lot more reps done. It didn’t have anything to do with chakras or seeing spirits.

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I’ve been also looking at ways to work on my Chakra’s so you start at the root, is there an order to which ones you work on or just go up the line from the root Chakra?

Yes, you start at the Muladhara, and then you work upwards so that the lower chakras are stable, purified, and empowered, before you get to the more Divine energies of the upper chakras. Doing so ensures that you do not become unbalanced by trying to mix the refined divine energies of the upper with the coarse, physical energies of the lower. It also paves the path for the Kundalini power to rise.