What does this mean ? "Feel the experience of change taking"

i have a book here and at the end of the ritual one should think about his desire, and imagine his request being granted in full. Feel the experience of change taking place. This should take 5 – 10

what does the author mean with feel the experience of change taking place?

It means, in your mind, imagine how you will feel once your desire happens. Will you be relieved? Excited? Happy? Whatever it is, bring that emotion into yourself and experience it for a few moments. It is what the Gallery of Magick calls emotional transmutation. You take how you feel right in this moment, and using your imagination, transform it into how you will feel as if your desire was already granted.

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ok, i thought he ment that, thanks for clarifying that. the author also asked Sallos to bring the Djinn King, in your opinion does it more sense to ask Malzaz Hyroth to bring the Djinn King?
(note this ritual is not a evocation, i send you a pm this morning with the links to pdf’s books)

I don’t know anything about djinn.

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What he said

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