What does the BALG community think of the Kami?

As the title says, what do you guys think of the Kami (from Shinto or Kami no Michi)? Similar to many of the spirits you guys usually evoke, I think they can be brought into your home with a Kamidana. I’ve never visited a Shrine (I want to someday, hopefully soon), but I assume that they are very nice and kind, but like most if not all spirits, you have to show respect to them.


In my country is dificult to find shrines related to the Kami, with the exception of some commemorative ones on public parks that resemble a Kamidana. For me, the plants and trees on my house are the shrine to them, for they seems to be drawn by their energy.

I know very little about Kami, but I’ve seen spirits similar to the Kodama, sometimes as white smoke or like little shadow children. They seem to be amoral from a human perspective, they are not good or bad they simply are, and act as if they had the mentality of children, playful. But they are receptive to the signs of affection, in the form of offerings or talking to them, they even protect your home from undesirable spirits.

As far as I know, the Kami have a strong relationship with the elements of nature (plants, animals, seasons), can be perceived in the subtle changes. I think the Kami spirits have a corresponding entity in other mythologies, each one being the interpretation of the culture that observes them.